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Benyamin Bresinger

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Rabbi Benyamin Bresinger is a pastoral counselor who has worked with addicts for twenty years. He is the creator of a highly successful national seminar which integrates kabbalah and the 12 steps of Alcohol Anonymous, and the director of Chabad Lifeline, an addiction crisis drop-in center in Montreal.
Staying alone in my head is like being behind enemy lines
It’s my stinking thinking that is the problem to begin with. So getting out of my head is an essential strategic move towards humility. I must get out of my head.
When I am attacked by my own fear, I can take it to G-d instead of taking it personally -- by asking for the others to be blessed, I am being changed.
A two-way relationship with our Higher Power
On Shavuot G-d becomes willing to enter into a holy dance with His people. This dance attests to the deep desire of G-d to connect with us.
Bow and Arrow teach us a lesson on intimacy and recovery.
Along with being aligned with G-d's will, it is also necessary to strive for “honesty, open- mindedness and willingness.” These qualities are indispensable in cultivating intimacy.
G-d's case for quitting
Once the pain of using finally forces a radical shift in the mind of the addict, he cries: “It’s over! I want out.” Then there is a brief window of opportunity to act upon promptly. Haste is imperative -- in order to ensure that this moment is not lost. I...
Where Every Piece Fits Perfectly
I am humbled when I hear someone tell of the horrors they went through while they were using, and conclude by saying: All that happened to me was needed to get me to where I am today.
We are exposing the inner recesses of our soul that is absolutely one with G-d. At this level what seems to be an obstacle too great to deal with is exposed as an illusion. A test that is there only to awaken this powerfully-connected part of our soul.
Blessed are You … who has granted us life, sustained us and enabled us to reach this occasion.
If I can enter the Sukkah and sit still, study, pray and expose my self-sabotaging thoughts for what they are, I can hopefully experience what this holiday is all about -- a 7-day hug from my Father in heaven.
It gets dirty; it can even lose its shine. But a diamond always remains a precious stone.
That’s what Yom Kippur does. It’s the annual buffing of the soul. The soul, like the diamond, always remains precious.
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