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Recovery Prayers & Psalms

Modeh Ani - 7th Step Prayer
Another reading of the Modeh Ani could follow the same pattern as the 7th Step. I surrender to G-d all of my existence. I ask G-d to give back to me what I need to do His will today.
Before Retiring at Night - 10th Step
Before retiring at night, we read prayers and psalms that express our desire to clean up our day from all possible missteps, recover from all our mistakes and set the stage for another successful day.
Anenu - A Prayer When in Distress
Five times a year we read this prayer, on each of the five traditional days of fast
Psalm 100
A Song of Gratitude
Gratitude if always on the top list of every recovering addict. Being grateful allows us to go out of our own stinking thinking and into a selfless state of giving.
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