Have you ever heard the expression that G‑d is in the fog?

I have a friend who is recovering from a gambling addiction. He lost his job, his house and now his family. He is broke and broken. He told me that he has trouble getting out of bed and even more trouble looking into the mirror. He says that when he does look he sees a face he barely recognizes: There is a dark cloud that surrounds it. I told him that G‑d is there — in the fog. With G‑d’s help, time and work, the cloud will lift.

The Purim story happened at a time when the sun seemed to be hidden. The threat from the enemies of Israel darkened the day. In this darkness the Jewish people persevered, stayed connected and overcame the enemy. So let’s feast — right? Not so fast! During other holidays, G‑d performed revealed wonders to save our people. Not so with the Purim story. There is no mention of G‑d in the Megillah. "Esther" means hidden. The victory can be argued to be due to high-placed lobbying. So why isn’t G‑d’s role more obvious? Why was G‑d so hidden? Where was the sea splitting type of revelation?

Although at Sinai the Jewish people chose G‑d, it is only at Purim that they proved their loyalty. It is by marching forward despite the fog that one can see that the sun is there. The darkness is there at times - to bring out a deeper commitment to the relationship. It’s by being squeezed that the true nature of the connection is exposed.

Therefore the celebration of Purim is part of this ongoing love story between G‑d and His people. Because of G‑d remaining anonymous He gave us the chance to shine. Okay, now let’s feast and drink – unless, of course, you’re one of my friends who happens to be blessed to be an addict in recovery. Blessed? Yes, blessed, because they know for a fact that G‑d is there — in the fog.