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The Recovery Collection

Discover the spiritual meaning behind the Purim customs and traditions, drawing lessons for our everyday recovery.

Time to Remove the Mask
Young Ahron Friedman and Rosa Zajac, whose names were on the memorial plaques never had the luxury of an intervention that could have saved them. We were giving Danny a chance at life, by offering him help to stop his abuse of drugs.
We Chose Him
On Shavuot, G-d chose us. On Purim, we chose Him. We have tasted the joy of unburdening ourselves and embracing G-d’s guidance and providence in our lives. It is limitless.
My Inner Purim Costume
What I learned from Queen Esther’s struggle and final victory
That is what we Jewish women need to emulate of Esther: the sacrifice, the endurance and the true commitment. We need to stay in touch with the feelings that lie under the costume.
Anonymous G-d
The celebration of Purim is part of this ongoing love story between G-d and His people. Because of G-d remaining anonymous He gave us the chance to shine.
Shedding the Masks
Recovery involves shedding the mask, sometimes layers and layers of masks. Purim allows us to play out this process with festivities, friends, and fun.
My Non-Alcoholic Purim
Brian was a Kohen and was raised in a chassidic home in Brooklyn. Until his Bar Mitzvah, he was a typical chassidic kid. Presently, in addition to being an addict, Brian claimed to have converted out of the Jewish faith. He wore a necklace with a cross to show it.
The Sober Drunk
Expriencing Purim Without Alcohol
The spirit of the Purim drink is a basic part of our recovery. It is the knowledge of this truth that keeps us alive.We live with acceptance, faith and trust that everything, regardless of whether we think it’s good or bad, comes from G-d.
Holy Puzzle
Where Every Piece Fits Perfectly
I am humbled when I hear someone tell of the horrors they went through while they were using, and conclude by saying: All that happened to me was needed to get me to where I am today.
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