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All our Passover articles and information. Find a sober Seder, be inspired by a recovery insight, listen to an audio class and most importantly be ready to celebrate your freedom from self bondage.

Find A Sober Seder Near You
3 locations in the USA
This year you don't have to worry about someone pressuring you to have wine for the Four Cups! Join a Sober Seder where you can spend a evening of freedom with other Jewish recovering addicts!
15 Steps to Freedom: Seder for Recovering Addicts
The message of Passover and the message of recovery are intrinsically intertwined.
See Your Way Out
All we need to do to leave Egypt is put down the whip. On Passover, the way to become free people is by perceiving and admitting our condition as slaves.
My Search for Freedom
In the dark places of my own truth, The Twelve Steps of Recovery are my candle, illuminating the path to self awareness and self actualization.
Bondage To The Material
Being Myself with G-d is "Dayenu"
Today I am no longer in need of something exterior to make me realize that I am okay. Knowing that G-d is with me is Dayenu! It is enough!
I can’t. He can. Let Him.
G-d is saying,"Just as my love for your ancestors compelled me to schlep them out, so too, my love for you can be trusted to schlep you out of the narrow places of your own thinking."
Passover In 3D
Audio | 30:17
Passover In 3D
Experiencing Passover means to be a changed person after it's over. This year let's add a third dimension to our Passover for a true spiritual experience.
Divine Intervention
G-d's case for quitting
Once the pain of using finally forces a radical shift in the mind of the addict, he cries: “It’s over! I want out.” Then there is a brief window of opportunity to act upon promptly. Haste is imperative -- in order to ensure that this moment is not lost. It’s time to go!
The Feather, the Spoon and the Candle
When we go about searching for our character defects through the process of personal inventory, we invariably unearth some unpleasant stuff -- our internal chametz.
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