Connecting with another happens when someone takes the lead. When walking with my child, I put out my open hand and he reciprocates by putting his hand in mine. I initiated a sweet intimate moment. Then there are times when he gives me a look and says, “Can we play?” How could I say no? That would be a moment where he initiates and influences the outcome.

The same dynamic is repeated over and over again between G‑d and the Jewish people. At times we lead and G‑d follows, so to speak, and then there are times when G‑d extends His hand first and we are invited to follow.

We lead…? How could that be? That would imply that we have influence beyond our wildest imagination. We do! This is not as a result of our righteousness, but because G‑d allows us to play such a vibrant role.

Shavout was the beginning of this two-way relationship, and every year we celebrate the reenactment of that special moment. G‑d descended onto Mount Sinai and then invited Moses to ascend; G‑d held out His two hands so to speak, and Moses stepped forward into the embrace. As a result of this embrace, we are given a position of cosmic influence.

The holiday of Shavuot is the time of the giving of the Torah. It is the source for the unique relationship between our Creator and His creation – especially us. G‑d becomes willing to enter into a holy dance with His people. This dance attests to the deep desire of G‑d to connect with us. One way we can bring about a response from on high is through the learning of Torah. When we learn, we attract G‑d so intensely that He comes to sit together with us and repeat our learning – word-for-word. By sitting and learning G‑d’s Torah, not only am I learning G‑d’s will, but even more humbling is that I am continuing this holy dance.

Taking the next right step has never meant so much. G‑d is taking the lead; I follow. And by doing so, G‑d follows me. Wow!! Now that’s dancing in the light!

I would put on my dancing shoes a lot quicker if I could see His Holy Hand extended in anticipation. Luckily we have the 12 Steps, which say, “Close your eyes and follow His lead.” Our sight will improve as we practice getting out of ourselves and receiving the embrace from above.

All of this is made possible because of the Mount Sinai moment. It’s only due to G‑d’s desire to enter into this intimate relationship with us that we can even begin to connect to Him. G‑d came down the mountain, and then He called Moses to ascend. They met, and as a result we have cause to dance always.