(To someone who manages a hedge fund, and is torn between marrying a Jewish woman or a non-Jewish model.)

A person has to learn from whatever G_d sends him, so there must be a lesson in hedge funds for you.

Hedge funds are high investments and demand constant vigilance. But returns are much more assured than elsewhere.

Same with a Jewish wife. Marrying a model is more like taking a big loan from a bank at high interest so you can have a great time in the Caribbean. The sages of the Talmud advised, "A man who marries a woman for her beauty alone will receive only pain from her."

A Jewish wife may have higher maintenance requirements, but she also has an exclusive on Jewish home building and Jewish kid raising—not to speak of Jewish man re-enforcing. Like hedge funds, if you give her the care and concern she deserves, your returns are pretty much guaranteed.

Hedge funds are notorious for secrecy—and so is the matchmaking business. The shadchan, if he's working for you, only lets out the information that needs to be known. And you keep things as private as possible as well.

Hedge funds rely on social networking—among the right people. Obviously, there's a lot to be learned there as well.

Look, this is not my field. But if you and your friend sit together, I'm sure you'll come up with much more to be learned. And then, apply them all.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman