At the point we occupy in the grand story of things, the world lies about its true identity. It lies that it is a beast with no master.

It is the ultimate lie because it conceals the highest truth: That there is nothing else but G‑d.

The vital root of this lie, its lifeline and key to existence, is embedded within the innermost domain of your life: Your time for learning Torah, for prayer, and for contemplating G‑d’s wonders.

From those crucial moments, it siphons out all its vitality with a simple, disruptive strategy:

At that time, when you are engaged in the purpose for which you and the entire world were created, the lie leaps to the forefront of your consciousness with an alarm over some high-priority task that must be taken care of immediately, no matter the cost.

You know it is a lie. Because, if it were true, why was there no urgency when you were eating and drinking, walking and sleeping? Why only now, when you are engaged in the most crucial moment of life?

And yet you concede. The world has just renewed its license to lie.

Defy the lie. As the world denies the existence of its Maker, for these precious minutes you can choose to do the opposite: To deny the existence of anything in the world other than the meaning you are giving it right now.

Because this is ultimately the reason the world was granted permission to lie: So that you will stand firm and declare the highest truth out of the brazen defiance of your soul.

Denied nurture, the lie withers and vanishes. Your world sheds its pernicious tactics. And it discovers that it is a divine, beautiful garden after all.

Maamar Bati Legani 5730, 14.