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G‑d and Us

Hasn't belief in G-d caused as much evil as good? If G-d knows best, what's the point of prayer? How can we have "free choice" if G-d already knows what we're going to do? Do (Normal) Jews believe in prophesy? Are we supposed to be afraid of G-d?

Are We Supposed to Be Afraid of G-d? (II)
The difference between love and respect is that when I love, I am preoccupied with my feelings toward you; when I respect, I am focusing on your presence rather than mine . . .
What's So Terrible About Idolatry?
I don't mean massive temples with human sacrifices. What about a civilized idolater, in the privacy of his own home? What's so terrible?
Is Monotheism Hazardous to Life?
Hasn't it caused as much evil as good?
Monotheism is a dangerous belief. Perhaps one of the most dangerous beliefs there is. For monotheism to enter the world safely, it must be married to a deeper belief…
If G-d Knows Best, What's the Point of Prayer?
Think of prayer as G-d talking to Himself -- through you
I Feel Like a Hypocrite!
How can I exclaim, “love G-d with all your heart” when I don’t really feel that way?
Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
Please don't tell me "We can't understand G‑d's ways." I am sick of hearing that. I want an explanation
Why Do Great Things Happen To Rotten People?
You're right, it shouldn't work that way. The world was not designed this way. The plain truth is: They've hacked the system
When People Suffer, Is It G-d's Fault?
We cannot accept the cowardly theology that G-d is not responsible -- that anything that happens in the world that doesn't mesh with our idea of His goodness is just an amoral and indifferent act of nature...
Why Do Things Go Wrong?
Adam wasn't supposed to eat from that tree. Cain and Abel were supposed to talk things out. Everyone was supposed to get along. That was Plan A
Was the Holocaust a Punishment?
Why can we say that biblical tragedies were punishments, yet contemporary ones are “the mysterious way of G-d”? Have today’s rabbis changed their perception of G-d to fit what’s politically correct?
Divine Knowledge and Human Choice
The Question that Everyone Asks
If G-d "already" knows what I will do tomorrow, is not my freedom to choose nothing more than an illusion?
Have We All the Answers?
If evil had some explanation that we understood, would we be as outraged as we are now in the face of its incomprehensibility? Would we abhor it as much, would we fight it as vehemently?
Do Our Deeds Matter To G-d?
If G-d is G-d, then obviously He is in no way altered or affected by His creations. But if a world full of people means nothing to Him, why did He create one?
What is Prophecy?
How does one become a prophet? What is it like to experience prophecy? Does prophecy exist today?
Do (Normal) Jews Believe in Prophecy?
We've had Nostradamus up to our noses, Bible Codes out of our ears, and every brand of pundit and prophet. Is there anyone out there with some bona fide inside information that'll help me sleep better at night?
How Do We Know that G‑d Exists?
Since there's no way to know anything with certainty about anything in existence, how can we know that G-d exists? All the evidence is from a "reality" that we have know way of knowing exists at all!
Is There a Logical Proof that there's only One G-d?
I accept that some sort of “Higher Being” created the universe. But why couldn’t there be many such beings?
How Do I Deal With Doubt?
Judaism is beautiful, no question about it. But is it true? I would like to believe so. But I will not believe for belief's sake...
Can We Speak Intelligibly About G-d?
What are words but representations of things and concepts that G‑d Himself created? Any words we use—even words like “infinite” and “ultimate abstraction”—are meaningful only in the context of our logic, and as such, utterly meaningless when applied to G‑d, the creator of logic and its terms!
Can One Love an Unknowable G‑d?
My father-in-law put it in his typical engineer terminology, "By now, I have figured out which buttons to push. But I still have no idea how it works"
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