Dear Rabbi,

I recently read of someone who does palm reading to figure out people’s character traits, as well as to see hints about their future. Am I permitted to consult with him and get my palm read?


The art of being able to see someone’s character, or something about their future, through reading the wrinkles on their palm is not considered magic. It is considered an art and science, which at times can be beneficial. It is for this reason that palmistry is mentioned a number of times in the Zohar and in other Kabbalistic works.1

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, writes that in order for palmistry (or chiromancy) to be accurate and authentic, one needs to have knowledge of the mystical origins of people’s souls, as well as to be proficient in the art of palmistry.

However, nowadays, one can learn this craft only from a true master of the Kabbalah, and not on one’s own (by reading books, etc.). About those who attempt to learn this craft without an authentic tradition, the verse in Proverbs can be applied to them: “For many are the dead that she has felled, and numerous are all her victims.”2

The Rebbe adds that he would be “very surprised” if there is anyone alive who could claim to be an expert in these matters (especially since someone who is truly proficient would reveal these secrets only to a student who is worthy and G‑d-fearing).3 Therefore, a person should stay away from palmistry and similar things.4

The Rebbe would often write that instead of seeking remedies in hand-readers or the like, one should strengthen one’s faith in G‑d, who “heals all flesh and performs wonders.”5

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Rabbi Yehudah Shurpin
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