I am part Jewish on my mothers side and my father is a Muslim. I am neither. I believe only in G_d and not religion."


You should know that as far as Judaism is concerned, you are Jewish. Whether you choose to embrace or reject that is up to you entirely, but we will always consider you Jewish, no matter what.

You point out that you believe only in G‑d but not in religion. I prefer that than to hear someone say I believe in religion but not in G‑d (such people do exist...). As a matter of fact, the first Jew Abraham discovered G‑d, not religion, and for that reason is called the first Jew. Judaism has always been a G‑d-first way of life. We follow His commandments not because of a passion for rules and regulations, but out of love and awe for/of Him. It's all about G‑d, so you are certainly on the right track.

But next, hey, did you ever think—what does come next?

Rabbi Moshe Goldman