Despite this being an oft-asked question, it is really not a question at all.

Allow me to explain.

The reason G‑d can make or create anything is because He is all-powerful—that is why He is called the Almighty. The idea that there is something He cannot do would mean that He is not all-powerful.

Now let's rephrase your question: "Is G‑d so powerful that He can be not powerful?" "Is G‑d so G‑d-like that He can not be G‑d?" "Is He so Almighty that He can not be Almighty?"

The very question itself is an oxymoron. It’s self-contradictory.

It would be like asking, "Can Einstein be so smart that he can be stupid?" Or, "Can someone be so honest that he can even lie?"

Obviously, such questions make no sense.

Similarly, the question "Can G‑d create a rock that He cannot lift?" is not logical.

This is the short response to this paradoxical question. If you want to read more about this, I recommend you read this article.