On Tuesday, Tammuz 17 (July 9, 1963), we travelled back to Manchester to continue the festivities. Our airplane included the whole wedding party, including the choson and kallah and the mechutonim. We recited the sheva brochos at every meal on the plane.

Back in Manchester, we joined our 450 guests for the dinner and sheva brochos for our friends who were not able to be at the wedding in New York. We had erected a beautiful mechitza of flowers in the hall, and everything looked wonderfully well.

In contrast to the wedding dinner in Brooklyn, where the food was left untouched, where the dancing was non-stop and not one word of Torah was said, here in Manchester everyone ate the meal, there was not one dance, and there were fifteen speeches and divrei Torah.

After the week of Sheva Brochos, Hindy and Shmuel remained for the duration of the summer, in order to visit various Jewish communities around England. This “mission” came directly from the Rebbe. They then returned to Crown Heights, where Shmuel was to spend the following year or so studying at the kollel.