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Memoirs of Chassidim

The Man Who Mocked The KGB
Spies, cold-hearted agents, and daring escapes fill the pages of this engrossing memoir about the chasid Rabbi DovBer Levertov, known as Berel Kabilaker, and his family's life under Communist rule.
Samarkand Jewish Underground
The Memoirs of Hilel Zaltzman
This book tells the story of the Chassidic underground that operated in the Soviet Union, upholding Judaism during the rule of communist terror. Gripping narrative sweep the reader to distant lands, and paints a picture of mysterious figures in Samarkand's alleys, secret Torah study under the constant threat of arrest by the KGB, and the long and hard fought victory in inspiring Jewish renaissance throughout the Soviet Union.
My Encounter with the Rebbe - Volume 1
Personal Journals of Zalmon Jaffe's Visits to the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Zalmon Jaffe's lively personal journals turn back the clock to the Rebbe's early years of leadership when a farbrengen was attended by a modest crowd of 300, and a personal yechidut could last over two hours.
My Encounter with the Rebbe - Volume 2
Personal Journals of Zalmon Jaffe's Visits to the Lubavitcher Rebbe
Mr. Manchester
Personal letters from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of blessed memory, to Mr. Zalmon Jaffe
Mr. Zalmon Jaffe, a community leader and hardworking businessman from Manchester, England lived to bring joy to the Rebbe. Remarkable for their insight into human nature and witty candor, the letters convey the Rebbe`s deep loving care, optimism, and unswerving belief in the value of each individual.
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