The months soon passed. Avrohom, who was in New York, reserved the hall, the orchestra and the caterers for the wedding dinner. We would have to settle the various details and the prices when we arrived in Brooklyn. He had also ordered the invitations. Here again, the times of the chupah and other particulars would have to await our coming to Crown Heights.

Meanwhile, we had sent out invitations to all our friends to attend the Manchester sheva brochos and had received all their replies. This enabled us to make the seating plan and complete all the details concerning this affair before we left Manchester for New York.

This charter flight was £50 round trip per person, which was still quite a bargain to fly to New York. We were scheduled for departure on Tammuz 1, 5723 (June 23, 1923).

There were so many of our friends wishing to travel for the wedding that we chartered a second plane! Both plane-loads of passengers - 240 - were invited to join us at our simcha and many did avail themselves of this opportunity to attend a chassidic wedding.

(Before we left Manchester Airport, the airline representative inquired whether our Rabbi wished to bless the airplane!)