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Biographies of the Rebbes from "Challenge"

Brief biographies of the founding leaders of Chassidism and the Rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch, exploring their wide-ranging activities and sweeping impact on world Jewry

The Baal Shem Tov
Rabbi Israel, "Master of the Good Name" - a brief biography
The advent of Chassidism came at a time when the revival it would bring was sorely needed, however, the Baal Shem Tov's vision was even more wide-ranging
The Maggid of Mezeritch
A brief biography
The Maggid felt that he was but a sojourner on earth and his earthly dwelling was not his "home"
The Alter Rebbe
A brief biography of the founder of Chabad-Lubavitch Movement
Few luminaries in Jewish history, particularly in modern times, have made as lasting and profound a contribution to our spiritual heritage as Rabbi Shneur Zalman.
The Mitteler Rebbe
A brief biography of the second Chabad Rebbe
Opponents of Chassidus resorter to extreme measures, slandering Shneur Zalman to the Russian government
The Tzemach Tzedek
A brief biography of the third Chabad Rebbe
Rabbi Menachem Mendel's efforts to preserve Torah Judaism from the threat of the maskilim
The Rebbe Maharash
A brief biography of the fourth Chabad Rebbe
In his short leadership, Rabbi Shmuel strengthened Chassidus, combatted anti-Semitism, and prepared the ground for Chabad's global reach
The Rebbe Rashab
A brief biography of the fifth Chabad Rebbe
Rabbi Sholom Dovber devoted himself to the future of the Jewish nation by involving himself in education on all levels
The Rebbe Rayatz
A brief biography of the sixth Chabad Rebbe
Rabbi Joseph Isaac's arrival in America brought a revolution in American perspectives towards Judaism, and a reawakening that was previously thought impossible