At some point during their year-long engagement, Hindy wanted to travel to New York. She asked for the Rebbe’s approval for making such a visit. The Rebbe responded in a postscript in a letter to her dated Tishrei 6, 5723 (October 4, 1962):

Regarding your desired visit to New York, as I indicated to your i,j [choson], it is suggested that the time of the wedding should at least tentatively be considered, and then it will be more practical and easier to consider a visit, etc.

Hindy indeed travelled to New York (of course after the wedding date was fixed.)

We also wanted Shmuel to come to Manchester, so we could introduce him to our family and friends. We wrote to the Rebbe to that effect and in a letter dated 8th of Kislev, 5723 (December 5, 1962), the Rebbe wrote:

I duly received your letters, as also your regards through your daughter, who doubtlessly also conveyed my regards to you.

With regard to your future son-in-law’s visit I suggested that there should be some external ostensible occasion for his trip to minimize possible criticism.

Wishing you and yours an inspiring Yud and Yud-Tes Kislev, as well as Chanukah.