I asked the Rebbe for permission to invite his Rebbetzin - Chaya Mushka - to the wedding. The Rebbe said: “You can invite her. She will be delighted; although, she will not come physically. She does know of you, since you always ‘say it with flowers’.” (The Rebbetzin did not like appearing in public. However, we had for some time now been sending her and the Rebbe flowers before Yom Tov).

Just over a week before the wedding, the choson and kallah and ourselves were granted the honor and privilege of meeting the Rebbetzin in her home for the first time. One incident comes to mind, illustrating the wonderful and perfect hostess she was.

Shmuel accidentally knocked over a glass of red fruit punch. Shmuel’s face turned the color of the now bright red table cloth. The Rebbetzin immediately assured him that it was a wonderful simon brocha (sign of blessing) and so on. She seemed so happy about it that I was tempted to knock over my glass, too!