Immediately after we arrived in Brooklyn, I begged for an audience with the Rebbe; for we were still uncertain whether the Rebbe himself would be officiating at the ceremony.

During this yechidus, I reminded the Rebbe how I had taken a leadership role in the Manchester community, due to the Rebbe’s urging. “Now my only daughter was getting married and I have transferred my entire celebration to New York, brought along hundreds of wedding guests and - you don’t need to answer me now, but - I am expecting the Rebbe to officiate!” The Rebbe smiled but did not answer.

To me that smile meant the Rebbe’s agreement to officiate. (I knew that if the Rebbe had no intention of officiating he would have said so right then and there. The Rebbe could never be pushed around by anyone!)

For the time being though - just two weeks prior to the wedding date - the chupah was still set for 7:30 p.m. at another location outside of Crown Heights. (We knew that in the past when the Rebbe would officiate at weddings, the chupah would take place outside 770 and would need to begin at 5:00 p.m.)

On Thursday, Tammuz 5 (June 27), which was ten days before the wedding date, Shmuel and Hindy were granted a pre-wedding yechidus, as was customary before all weddings.

The Rebbe asked them, “Why is the chupah scheduled for 7:30; was the hall not available until that time?”

Shmuel took the easy way out and said he did not know. The Rebbe then said “I will talk to your mechuton about this.

Later that same night, (early Friday morning to be precise!) Roselyn and I were in yechidus and the Rebbe asked us, “Why is the chupah is so late? It is a rachmonus (pity) that the choson and kallah should have to fast for so long.”

I told the Rebbe, “They would fast for two weeks if the Rebbe would only agree to officiate.”

The Rebbe responded. “It is not necessary.”

The Rebbe then informed me that he intended to officiate. The Rebbe then added the following three instructions: 1) A new invitation (with the changed time and place) should not be submitted to the printer until three days before the wedding. 2) This new invitation should not mention the Rebbe’s name in any form. 3) We were not to publicize that the Rebbe would be messader kiddushin. It seemed that the Rebbe wanted his participation at the wedding kept secret until the last possible moment. The Rebbe also stressed that the chupah take place at 5:00 p.m. precisely.

Shmuel’s aufruf was, of course, at 770 in the Rebbe’s presence. One of our wedding guests, Rev. Hass, was honored with being chazan during the Shabbos services. We instructed him not to repeat any words, as is the custom amongst many chazonim. He felt greatly honored to officiate at 770 in the Rebbe’s presence. He davened very nicely indeed. (Many years afterwards he still recalled this as one of the great occasions in his life.)