Said Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai: "When a person rises in the morning and dons the Tefillin and Tzitzith ... the Shechina dwells upon this person and proclaims: 'Thou art My servant, Israel, in whom I will be glorified!"'

Zohar Chadash, Terumah (41d)

Each sovereign's army is garbed in its own distinctive uniform. This uniform is a symbol of the allegiance which the wearer owes to his sovereign.

The people of Israel, the "hosts of the L-rd," also have their special insignia, which identify them as the servants of G‑d. One of these markings are the Tzitzith. In the pages following we shall discuss the significance and symbolism of the Tzitzith in the light of traditional Jewish thought.

May this booklet inspire us to bring to fruition the ideals mentioned therein.

Jacob Immanuel Schochet

6 Teveth 5727