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Tallit and Tzitzit Basics

A user-friendly primer for tallit and tzitzit basics: What is tzitzit? Who's obligated? How and when do we put them on? And more...

“You Shall Make for Yourself Twisted Threads” - The Commandment of Tzitzit
Mitzvah Studies - Article 7
Tzitzit is one of the most conspicuous mitzvot observed. What is the purpose of these fringes? What do they signify? Must everyone wear tzitzit?
Tallit: The Jewish Prayer Shawl
Who wears a prayer shawl, and when?
What Is Tzitzit (and Tallit)?
What is the difference between a tallit and tzitzit, and what are the reasons for wearing them?
Who Wears a Tallit?
Who is obligated to wear tzitzit, and from what age?
Tallit Prayer (Blessings)
Transliterated and Translated in English
The blessing and verses recited when putting on a tallis: in Hebrew together with the English transliteration and translation.
How to Put on a Tallit or Tzitzit: Blessings and Instructions
The proper way to don tzitzit and tallit -- complete with an illustrated guide -- and the blessings recited when doing so.
How to Put On a Tallit
How to put on the traditional four-cornered garment before prayers.
Tzitzith - The Laws of Fringes
A brief treatise on the significance of this important mitzvah
Explores the significance of the ritually fringed four-cornered garment. Complete with basic laws, blessings and diagrams.
Miscellaneous Tzitzit Laws and Customs
Tzitzit in a cemetery; folding a tallit on Shabbat; proper disposal of tzitzit; and more...
When Is a Tallit Worn?
A nighttime garment is exempt from tzitzit -- but what is a "nighttime garment"? And why do many wear tzitzit at night too?
Tekhelet: The Mystery of the Long-Lost Biblical Blue Thread
The origins of the blue thread on the tzitzit, and the reason why some wear it today -- and others do not.
Picking a Perfect Tallit (FAQ)
Purchasing a tallit can be bewildering. Our Ask-the-Rabbi Team has compiled this FAQ just for you!
Take the Tallit Quiz
Do you know the ins and outs of the Jewish prayer shawl? Take this quiz to find out.
23 Tallit Facts You Should Know
A tallit is a four-cornered, fringed garment worn by Jewish men during prayer.
This is no fringe mitzvah! The tallit and tzitzit serves as constant reminders of our obligations to G-d and our fellows.
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