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Tallit Questions and Answers

Why Sleep With Tzitzit?
I was under the impression that the mitzvah of wearing tzitzit only applies to the daytime. But then I heard that many have the custom to wear tzitzit during the night as well. Can you explain the reason behind this?
Why Must a Tallit Have Four Fringed Corners?
Immediately following the commandment of the tallit, the Torah states, “I am the L-rd, your G-d, Who took you out of the land of Egypt to be your G-d . . .”
Do I Make a Second Blessing if I Took Off My Tallit?
Is a new blessing recited if the tallit slips off? How about if you took it off to visit the rest room?
Why the Tallit Barcode?
What's the reason for the black stripes on the tallit and tzitzit?
The kabbalistical and practical reasons for the black stripe some have on their tallit.
What is the significance of the number of coils on the tzitzit?
The number of coils on the tzitzit has deep mystical meaning.
Is it appropriate for a woman to wear a tallit?
To valuate a woman based on her ability to "do whatever a man can," is to dishonor womanhood, and all the unique qualities it brings to the table.
When Do Jewish Boys Begin to Wear Their Tallit?
And why do some Ashkenazim wait until after marriage?
The answer to this question really varies depending on your ancestry and/or community custom. Allow me to share some information...
Does a divorcé continue wearing a tallit?
When donning the tallit for the first time after the wedding, it is naturally being done with the intention of wearing it every day from then on...
Why do we wear the Tallit only for the morning prayers?
Since we were given the mitzvah of tzitzit in Abraham's merit, we wear the tallit specifically for "his" prayer--Shacharit...
What's Wrong With a Silk Tallit Prayer Shawl?
I noticed something interesting in the congregation I attend. Virtually everyone’s prayer shawl, the tallit, is made of wool. Is there any specific reason why I do not see any silk or cotton prayer shawls?
Why the
Why is there an embroidered strip that looks like a crown on the top of the tallit prayer shawl?
Why Hold Tzitzit for Baruch She'amar?
I understand why we hold the fringes during the Shema, which mentions the mitzvah of tzitzit, by why for Baruch She’amar?
Is My Tallit Allowed in the Bathroom?
At the synagogue, I see that many men remove their prayer shawls (tallit) outside the bathroom. Is that just for convenience or is there something more to it?
How does one clean a soiled tallit?
A tallit can also be dry cleaned. However, it might not be advisable to give a tallit to your local dry leaning establishment—if they are not familiar with tallitot...
Why Wear Tzitzit If We Are Not Obligated?
Being that most clothing is not four-cornered these days, why do we purposely walk around in four-cornered garments, thus obligating ourselves to wear tzitzit?
Wearing a Tallit for an Aliyah
A discussion of the different customs regarding wearing a tallit when receiving an aliyah and when leading the prayer services.
What Is a Kosher Tallit?
What materials can be used for tallit and tzitzit? How are the fringes attached to the corners? And more...
When to Wear Tallit on High Holidays
Not sure what to wear when attending Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services? This article is for you.
Why Cover the Head With a Tallit During Prayer?
One should make preparations before praying, including preparing special garments, as if one were meeting an important dignitary.
This is no fringe mitzvah! The tallit and tzitzit serves as constant reminders of our obligations to G-d and our fellows.
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