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Tallit Stories

When a Communist Gives You a Tallit... You Keep It!
“When a communist gives you a tallit, you should not be in a hurry to discard it.”
When Your Life Hangs by a String
It was obvious to Yerachmiel that if he made the slightest movement, his attacker might shoot out of sheer nervousness.
My Father's Tzitzit
After all, what could he teach a girl who got straight A’s in school and wanted to go to an Ivy League college? And yet, today, what I remember from college seems like a blur of intellectual trivia compared to the simple lessons of my father . . .
Fringes of Fright
I’m not talking about a small fine, or even some lashes. This could mean that my father, and maybe even I, would sit in a dark and dingy jail cell. A wave of heat overcame my body.
Hanging by a Thread
What was bothering Korach? Do G‑d’s commandments make sense? What is a dispute that is for the sake of Heaven?
Tzitzit for Cheap!
A Conversation Between Two Souls
Two souls meet midway between heaven and earth. "Nu, what can you tell me about the world I am about to enter?" asks the descending soul.
This is no fringe mitzvah! The tallit and tzitzit serves as constant reminders of our obligations to G-d and our fellows.
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