Dear Friend,

By all accounts, Rachel lived a difficult life.

As a young woman she forfeited her own marriage to Jacob in order to spare her sister, Leah, embarrassment. The years passed and she stoically watched her sister give birth to child after child while she struggled to conceive. Even in death, she was buried on the side of the road, leaving her rightful place next to her husband in the Cave of Machpela to her sister, Leah.

Centuries later, when the Jewish people were exiled from Israel, they passed Rachel's tomb, drawing strength and comfort from her presence, and she beseeched G‑d on their behalf to restore Israel and return her children to their land.

This week we mark her passing on Tuesday, Cheshvan 11th. When we face hardships and struggles, we can draw strength and inspiration from the way Rachel dealt with hers.

And Rachel waits, patiently, at the side of the road, for the day that G‑d will return her children to the Land of Israel permanently, with the coming of Moshiach. May it happen soon!

Miriam Szokovski
on behalf of the Editorial Team