transcends all boundaries, serving the religious and the non-observant, affiliated and non-affiliated, young, old and all in between. is the place where high-powered businesswomen and busy moms log on for a quick Torah thought, and is the virtual classroom for thousands of Hebrew School children.

"[Chabad established] Web sites ... [to] serve not its own members but Jews in general."
- The New York Times

It is a place where top business executives stop for fresh daily insight, and the address a university student turns to for a listening ear and guiding hand.

It is a guide for parents seeking help with their children's Bar or Bat Mitzvah parshahs, and is where an 83 year-old nursing home resident can keep connected to her people and find solace for her loneliness.

The Harvard senior, the teenage trekker, the Los Angeles designer, the Israeli soldier, the Talmudic scholar, the new parent, the federation leader, the counter-culture editor, the high-powered lawyer, the curious gentile, the struggling entrepreneur, the new convert, Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist, atheist, humanistic, unaffiliated - all feel comfortable with and rely on