The Rebbe always insisted, "We cannot rest until every Jewish child has a Jewish education."

Our work has only begun.

As more and more people consider the internet a regular part of their lives, we are responsible to provide Jews with Jewish solutions for their life's challenges - and to ensure that they are not led astray by others who offer enticing alternatives to Judaism.

Toward this end we are developing specialized sites to meet the needs of specific populations (e.g., children, foreign-languages), highly attractive sites to satisfy the hunger for basic knowledge (e.g., animated Shabbat dinner how-to), and highly interactive sites to foster greater Jewish unity (e.g., Chanukah worldwide).

We have a myriad of data, tools and extensive life experience, culled from Chabad's worldwide outreach efforts, to apply to the internet. We seek to leverage great talents throughout the Jewish world to bring this to fruition.

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