"The Lubavitch Web site aims to bring people together from across the world." —The Tennessean

"The first and the largest virtual congregation." —The Jewish Week

"At a time when [some] have banned the Internet as morally perilous for their followers, Chabad has created 700 Web sites in more than 50 countries... to serve not its own members but Jews in general." New York Times

"Web site visitors can feel as if they are visiting their spiritual leader." —Wired.com

"A model of effective web-outreach." Atlanta Jewish Times

"The Web page was created with practicing and non-practicing Jews in mind." —The Washington Post

"If you want it, Chabad has it!" —Moment Magazine

"Nobody does sites better than Chabad; they're always slick, attractive, easy to use and informative." —Baltimore Jewish Times

"Every day Jews stumble on Chabad Online... a first step toward a changed life." —Village Voice

"Cyber-outreach at its best." —Detroit Jewish News

"At the vanguard of harnessing technology to promote Judaism."

"[The] high-octane Chabad page outshines them all."
—The Jewish Week

"In a web awash with [Chanukah] sites... this site stands apart..." —Britannica.com

"A huge, beautiful site with information both for kids and for adults..." Canadian Broadcasting Company

"This Web site [offers] hundreds of Web pages from practical, how-to guides to deep mystical insights, video and audio clips and even java games." —Newsbytes.com

"[Chabad's] Internet site served as a model for other Jewish organizations, who created their own educational Web sites."
—New York Times

"[Chabad's] comprehensive Internet Web site... includes prayer excerpts, children's stories and interactive quizzes offering a wealth of information on the upcoming month of Jewish Holidays..."
—Newark Star Ledger

"This new Chabad website is packed with goodies, and is staggering for the sheer amount of care and expertise that went into it... The site presents a holy, mystical slant... It's also a lot of fun." —Jewish Communication Network

"The biggest and best on-line Hanukka party is at the Chabad Hanukka site..." Jerusalem Post

"At the vanguard of harnessing technology to promote... Judaism. [The site includes] pages on topics ranging from proper kosher dietary restrictions to the popular 'Ask the Rabbi' feature... translations of Passover and Hanukkah texts in a dozen languages... Talmudic law for reference and online Torah studies. A user-friendly template..." —Wired.com

"Amazing." —Jewish.com

"An outstanding, easy-to-use site that has something for everybody in the family." —The Jewish Week

"[The site] administers to the spiritual needs of a community of Jews once stranded along the information superhighway."
—Village Voice

"One more cyber-success for the high-tech Chasids."
—Atlanta Jewish Times

"A model of effective Web-outreach. Other Jewish groups should take note." —Atlanta Jewish Times

"The site shares... facts and experiences through sophisticated audio and video technology..." —Washington Post

"A very beautiful and user-friendly site..." —Europe Online

"[Chabad-Lubavitch] eagerly provides translations of theological works over the Net." —Time Magazine

"This is a great site...!" —About.com

"Whatever your interest or pleasure, you'll find it at your fingertips: songs, interactive games, Torah studies, stories and recipes... There are lots and lots of videos of every kind... Surf the site now and come back..." —Detroit Jewish News

"Activities [vary] from helping to organize a Passover service held on a boat near Antarctica to dispatching kosher recipes to Jews living far from centers of Jewish population." —New York Times

"High-energy Judaism." Northern California Jewish Bulletin

"This site is fun for everyone... Though I usually like to write about web sites that are not so popular and well-known, this one can't be ignored..." The Jeffersonian

"A beautifully designed offering..." Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Once again, the wonderful people at Chabad-Lubavitch have invested much thought and innovation in their annual Chanukah festivities... Their site makes manifest the Rebbe's famous teachings..." Jerusalem Post

"[Rabbi Kazen was] considered the pioneer of Judaism on the Internet..." The Jewish Week

"The site... has links to hundreds of Web pages with information, how-to guides and interactive quizzes... a history of the Jewish people, prayer excerpts, Bible readings, stories for children, and more than 35 explanations for the sounding of the "shofar," the ram's horn, on Rosh Hashanah..." UPI

"The site is designed for all ages and educational levels, from young children to scholars..." West Bloomfield Eccentric

"Giving your kids insight to the rich history of Chanukah traditions is easy with [Virtual Chanukah]..." Fox News

"The world's most comprehensive Passover site...;"

"For the basics, presented with class, Chabad... can't be beat."
Baltimore Jewish Times

"Features of the site range from... games aimed at children to discussions designed for serious religious scholars." C-Net

"While the story's been re-told every year... it's never been told better that at the Chabad-Lubavitch organization's Chanuka Website..." Detroit Jewish News

"[Lubavitch emissaries'] commitment to outreach is the envy of the Jewish world... They have utilized every medium - from television to books to the Internet to mitzvah mobiles - to bring assimilated or uneducated Jews back into the fold." Washington Jewish Week

"Educating readers on the many aspects of religious life... [taking] 3,000 years of Jewish history, and [making] it available to people." —ABC News

"Lubavitch is way out in front of every other Jewish group in establishing outposts and outreach on the information frontier..."
The Jewish Week

"One of the more exciting [Jewish sites]."
London Jewish Chronicle

"Every day Jews stumble on Chabad online. Some will be transformed, finding a reason to... build a permanent home..." Village Voice

"[The site] is a virtual temple that accommodates a far larger and more diverse congregation than any real building could hold. Thousands of people visit the site every day to download weekly Torah readings." 24 Hours in Cyberspace

"[The site] is an olio of Jewish lore." Cybertimes.com

"A first step toward a changed life... something precious, a deep and lasting feeling rarely experienced in this ruptured age of postmodernity, a profound social integration..." Village Voice

"[Making] information available to anyone anywhere..."
Miami Herald

"Move over Pikachu, move over Pokemon. Here comes... 'A Virtual Purim.'" West Bloomfield Eccentric

"[An] hilarious but fact-packed site... As this animated character clowns through several scenes, we get to learn..."
Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel

"A real standout... A marvel of good organization."
Northern California Jewish Bulletin

"[The site] educates and entertains all visitors..."
The Jerusalem Post

"The outreach-minded Lubavitchers have just the site to help you learn about the holiday, its origins and its customs."
Baltimore Jewish Times

"This is a great site for parents, kids, and kids-at-heart."