In 1988, before most of society was aware of the unfolding communication revolution that became the Internet, the Chabad-Lubavitch movement began using online discussion networks to bring Judaism to tens of thousands of Jews around the world.

Thousands of documents were converted into what became the world's first virtual Jewish library, enabling many to experience Torah for the first time.

With the advent of the World Wide Web in 1994 our activities increased greatly and the Chabad website became recognized as the purveyor par excellence of Jewish information on the internet.

For countless individuals the Chabad-Lubavitch website served as their lifeline to Judaism.

In late 1999 we added the now famous Chabad Online Magazine to our stable, offering a sophisticated but accessible weekly mix of Torah commentary, Chassidic philosophy, stories, personal essays and more.

We also created a network of sites worldwide to enable Chabad-Lubavitch institutions everywhere to reach out to local communities with ever fresh and relevant material.
Our series of specialty sites, including one for each of the primary Jewish holidays, have become annual "must-visits" for hundreds of thousands around the globe.

We are now in the midst of transforming the design, programming and architecture of the entire site to accommodate many more users, much more interactivity and even more content.