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Day Two of Week 5: Gevurah of Hod

Day Two of Week 5: Gevurah of Hod

30th Day of the Omer


Humility must be disciplined and focused. When should my humility cause me to compromise and when not? In the name of humility do I sometimes remain silent and neutral in the face of wickedness?

Another aspect of gevurah of hod: Humility must include respect and awe for the person or experience you stand humble for. If my humility is wanting, is it because I don't respect another?

Exercise for the day: Focus in on your reluctance in any give area to see if it originates from a healthy, humble place.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Susie Brewer May 10, 2017

Is there a printed version of the meditations found in the following publication? I am very interested in meditating and have found this to be a good beginning to follow.

Chana Benjaminson May 11, 2017
in response to Susie:

Yes there is a printed version, on the top right of this page there is a link to where you can purchase it. Reply

Helen Dudden uk April 24, 2013

Tonight I understand these words, we do think that remaining silent is easier that to speak.

To remain silent can cause in itself more problems, there is a time to speak and a time to remain silent. But I agree, we must speak when there is something that needs to be said. Reply

Rivkah Lake Arrowhead, california May 19, 2011

humility how does one seperate false humility from ture humility. And how does one get from one to the other? Reply

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