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Day One of Week 5: Chesed of Hod

Day One of Week 5: Chesed of Hod

29th Day of the Omer


Week Five - Hod

If endurance is the engine of life humility is its fuel. As gevurah (discipline) gives chesed (love) focus, hod gives netzach direction.

Humility is the silent partner of endurance. Its strength is in its silence. Its splendor in its repose. Humility leads to yielding, which is an essential element of Humility - and the resulting yielding - should not be confused with weakness and lack of self-esteem.

Humility is modesty; it is acknowledgement (from the root "hoda'ah"). It is saying "thank you" to G‑d. It is clearly recognizing your qualities and strengths and acknowledging that they are not your own; they were given to you by G‑d for a higher purpose than just satisfying your own needs. Humility is modesty; it is recognizing how small you are which allows you to realize how large you can become. And that makes humility so formidable.

Endurance draws its energy from the acknowledgement of humility. Human endurance goes only as far as your tolerance level. Acknowledging that your strengths come from a higher place gives you the power to endure far beyond your own perceived capacity. It gives you part of G‑d's enduring strength.

A full cup cannot be filled. When you're filled with yourself and your needs, "I and nothing else", there is no room for more. When you "empty" yourself before something which is greater than yourself, you allow in much more than your limited capacity. Humility is the key to transcendence; to reach beyond yourself. Only true humility gives you the power of total objectivity.

Humility is sensitivity; it is healthy shame out of recognition that you can be better than you are and that you expect more of yourself. Although humility is silent it is not a void. It is a dynamic expression of life that includes all seven qualities of love, discipline, compassion, endurance, humility, bonding and sovereignty. Humility is active not passive. Not a state of being but an interaction even in its calm and inaction.

Day One of Week 5: Chesed of Hod

Examine the love in your humility. Healthy humility is not demoralizing; it brings love and joy not fear. Humility that lacks love has to be reexamined for its authenticity. Sometimes humility can be confused with low self-esteem, which would cause it to be unloving.

Humility brings love because it gives you the ability to rise above yourself and love another. Arrogance in the guise of love means loving yourself, or what is even worse: making others a part and an extension of yourself and your self-love.

Does my humility cause me to be more loving and giving? More expansive? Or does it inhibit and constrain me? Am I humble and happy or humble and miserable?

Exercise for the day: Before praying with humility and acknowledgment of G‑d, give some charity. It will enhance your prayers.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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John London May 15, 2017

I found the illustration of the cup most useful. May G-d grant us the awareness that our cups have become too full of ourselves to be receptive of G-d's freshness and like the manna that fell, it is necessary to receive a fresh supply daily and not say, because I once had my cup filled, I have no need for more. Reply

Eleanor Skibo Pennsylvania May 10, 2017

I just felt the power of God as you placed humility really where it belongs and that's where the blue sky begins and God's realm shines upon us. In my life it took me very very long to make one step toward obtaining a small portion of humility but oh how gratifying it was and is. May God The Almighty Father bless each and everyone of you in every possible way. Reply

Shoshana Jerusalem May 9, 2017

We can understand how Moshe Rabeinu, while knowing his greatness, remained humble. Because he knew that everything was from H-shem and did not take credit for his greatness. He knew it was a gift and that he did nothing to earn it. Reply

Frankie Grand Rapids May 21, 2016

Humility I have missed many meditation learning teachings, but tonight God is meeting me where I am. He is good to us all the time. Thank you. Reply

Anonymous May 21, 2016

just want .... to say thank you for your polished work that so enrich my attempted chassidishe life...blessings in all of it! Reply

Christine Serach May 21, 2016

Beautifully explained.., thank you!!! Reply

Anonymous Jerusalem Israel May 21, 2016

Thank you for these posts;both for the counting of the Omer and the explanations of he character traits of each day. This is the second year that I am following and counting the Omer and I truly feel it effecting me in a positive way...a little at a time. Reply

Anonymous Glasgow,Scotland, UK. May 2, 2015

Omer Thank you for keeping in touch as due to household maintenance I've sadly neglected my biblical learning but I will work like a Beaver in order to get back on track, especially with the Omer which I've just been seeing to with all the humility Hashem will allow me to muster, so Shalom and I look forward to whatever this wonderful journey throws my way, Amen! Reply

BA Kress Austin May 13, 2014

Thank You! There is so much in today's comment of value.

First, spending time on focusing on the idea that one's strengths and qualities are G-d's is time well spent. This perspective does indeed foster humility in us. Importantly, as well, it places us in the right position to use our strengths appropriately, as custodians, not owners of the traits.

Second, I really appreciate the discussion of the misuse of humility. An exercise for one who is proud of his/her humility might be to ask a sampling of those before whom one is "humble," especially those with whom one may have differences or problems, whether the "humility" feels to them as genuine or political. Where the answer would be political, I suspect the question is never asked, and most know the answer to the question even in the absence of it's being asked. Reply

George Jimenez, sr. Escondido, Ca. U.S.A April 30, 2013

Humility This has opened my G-d given Soul... Thank you...I have never understood humility is strength by G-d...One of His attributes... Shalom... Reply

miryam April 23, 2013

humility WOW! This is the most insightful explanation of true humility I've ever read. Thank you for impacting my life...may my soul meditate and absorb this...and also about love verses self-love and arrogance--very convicting. Thank you, blessings, shalom Reply

Anonymous May 5, 2012

Humility This is wonderfully dynamic. Thank you. I now have a deeper understanding of what is important this week during the counting, and what is not.

Again, thank you. Reply

Josie Scarb, Toronto May 17, 2011

What Humility Truly Is In my new awakening to what Humility truly is I Am getting a glimpse of something so quiet and yet so strong.

In a certain situation I find myself asking myself:

" If you did not have the power to respond in kind , what would you have done, wihout losing your dignity, to make peace?"

And my answer takes me into a mode of self conduct where arrogance does not exist.

And I am so Thankful!

Shalom Reply

Sarah Teichner Palo Alto, CA May 17, 2011

Humility This meditation touches me in a most profound way. But in my experience this is the very quality that so many of us lack. Whether it is the intolerance of us to judge other Jews and the way in which they observe our faith, or the incredible power we give over to those words, although attributed to wise and learned people as the last and final word in everything we do and think. In our lack of humility we have in my opinion forgotten that everyone's voice is important regardless of status. I am one who believes we still have voices that could be as strong as those who were called upon by G-D without question. But it is our lack of humility that has disallowed even the thought of the possibility. Reply

Celine Bennett Elliot Lake, Canada, Ontario May 7, 2009

goodness Yeah my goodness is nothing apart from G-d. Thank You G-d without you I have nothing, without you life is gone, without you I have nothing, would you be the words I say would you be my melody would you my everything! Reply

Ryan (Reuben) miami beach, florida May 20, 2008

Rabbi You could not have said it better yourself.
I will try my best to keep this thought of humility with me .
Thank you. Reply

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