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Day Three of Week 5: Tiferet of Hod

Day Three of Week 5: Tiferet of Hod

31st Day of the Omer


Examine if your humility is compassionate. Does my humility cause me to be self-contained and anti-social or does it express itself in empathy for others. Is my humility balanced and beautiful? Or is it awkward?

Just as humility brings compassion, compassion can lead one to humility. If you lack humility, try acting compassionately, which can help bring you humility.

Exercise for the day: Express a humble feeling in an act of compassion.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Discussion (1)
May 7, 2012
I am curious if anyone has thoughts about the function of humility in social dealing with people who are passive-aggressively rude. I have become increasingly aware of a growing practice in people to be rude in social dialogue. Sometimes this is presented as "humor," other times not.
While resisting the temptation to retort, I am curious if there is a facet of humility which can help.
Norma Meyer
Turnersville, NJ
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