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Why we have nothing and everything to fear
“And Sarai, His Wife”
It is not enough for G‑d to be a name in the prayerbook. We must be actively engaged in learning all we can about Him, thus forming the basis for a relationship
“Who am I? What do I believe?”
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Personal Stories
"You'd best go home, Sarah. You have several days, a week at the most. I'm so sorry.”
Simply Special
Remember those days? Jumping from pillow to pillow, swimming across vast oceans right there in your very own home . . . the essence of imagination, adventure, journeys and expeditions
Family & Values
I had three maternal great-aunts, matriarchal figures who were treated like priceless antiques
With Chocolate Drizzle
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Chabad helping to encourage women and girls to light Shabbat candles in honor of Chaya Zisel Braun

Dear readers,

Who has said that the Jewish people are the moral conscience of the world?

No, it’s not a great Jewish prophet, or a righteous non-Jew who admired the Jewish people. These words are ascribed to none other than Adolf Hitler, may his name be erased.

In Hitler’s words, “Conscience is a Jewish invention; it is a blemish like circumcision.”

He also said: “If one little Jewish boy...

If there’s something you've wanted to say to your spouse, parent or child, but were too busy or too uncomfortable—say it now. And if there’s something you've wanted to say to G‑d, but didn't know He was listening—say it now. Don't wait for tomorrow.
— Tomorrow May Be Too Late
Free Ride

After being away for a while, Mr Cohen landed at JFK. He asked the cab driver how much the cab ride to his destination would cost. The driver responded, “Fifty-five dollars.”

“And how much is it just for the luggage?” Mr. Cohen asked.

The cabbie responded that the luggage was free. “In that case,” Mr. Cohen said, “Take my luggage and I’ll go by subway.”

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