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Celebrating Jewish Womanhood
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Did you ever try getting hungry children to cooperate?
Once I was hooked on raw food, the awful restrictions seemed like a privileged progress towards a higher plane of sensitivity and consciousness—precisely the Jewish view of G-d’s restrictions.
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Dear Rachel
Is there anything I can do to turn things around at this late date, or is it just too late?
Dealing with Challenge
I once brought a friend over for a Shabbat meal at Bubby’s house. Had I realized my friend was a picky eater, I might have chosen to bring along a different guest, or at least warn my friend of my...
With Creamy Spinach Dip

Dear Readers,

One of the advantages of living in Southern New Jersey is the close proximity to several states along the Northeast Corridor. I’m just a few hours’ drive from so many vibrant cities.

And recently, I discovered a hassle-free and relaxing way of getting there—through the popular Amtrak train.

No need to rush through long lines of airport security or to navigate crowded...


A little girl was holding two apples; her mother asked for one. The girl quickly bit one apple, and then, the other.
Her mother held back her disappointment.
Then the girl handed one to her saying: “Here, this is the sweeter one.”

Moral: Never judge.

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