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Learning Center
When our sun shines, it can be easier to connect to G-d. But what about during the smallness of life, when we’re feeling uninspired?
Rosh Chodesh
It is in this month that we celebrate the eight-day holiday of Passover.
Tanya Bits
90 percent of our thoughts, speech or action can go either way, expressing the G‑dly soul or the Animal soul.
I wonder: is this the way G‑d feels towards us?
The Magazine
Reader's Write
“I think I am going to faint,” I say nervously to no one in particular.
Dear Rachel
It’s very hard for me to let go of friendships or relationships. I am a very loyal person, and once I become connected, I want to stay connected.
A Mom Reflects on Change

Dear Readers,

While every week is special in its own right, this week feels like one of new beginnings.

That’s because:

  1. The official season of spring is upon us.
  2. We greet the Jewish new month of Nissan this week. Nissan is the month of the holiday of Pesach, which is mandated to be in the spring season.
  3. And, finally, in the weekly Torah portion, we read Vayikra, which begins the third...
This loving communication between G‑d and Moses is the way G‑d relates to every Jew, regardless of his or her talents and accomplishments.
— Just by Existing
Handy Household Hacks
Under the Sink

Use a tension-mounted curtain rod under your sink to hang cleansers and towels.

The Clear Picture

A blind person was once asked: “Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?” He answered: “Yes, losing your vision!”

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