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Parshah Essay
Last week I carried out a social experiment
Parshat Zachor
It isn't mere coincidence that every totalitarian regime in history, as the first step in cementing its hold on the people under its rule, has first exerted control over their memory
How to infuse our physical reality with spirituality
The purpose of Jewish education is not to amass knowledge, but to teach us ethical, peaceful and moral behavior
The Magazine
Craft It Jewish
Pair these two items for a popcorn themed mishloach manot that kids will love
Dear Rachel
The more religious I become and the more I hang out with religious people, the more confined I feel
We need the darkness for our essence to emerge

Dear readers,

Years ago, I was taking my daughter to playgroup for her very first time. The pit in my stomach was growing; my anxiety was palpable. And yet, for her sake, I knew I needed to put on a mask of confidence and joy—even at that excruciating moment of separation. I blinked away my tears to show her strength I didn’t have, so that she could find her own.

Once, my daughter ran into my...

Our clothing does much more than protect us from the elements. Clothing becomes a message that we convey without ever opening our mouths. Clothing brings “honor and glory” to the wearer. Rabbi Yochanan, one of the contributing authors of the Talmud, went as far as calling his clothing “my honorers”!
— The Wisdom of Modesty
Diet Help

What are two things you can never eat for breakfast?

Lunch and Supper.

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