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The good thing is, G‑d didn’t just leave us with a list of commandments. He also gave us the ability to understand the meaning and symbolism behind many of the mitzvahs so that they don’t remain...
It is such a gift to have someone who believes in you, in your integrity and capacity to do good things in the world
Parshah Thought
Our role as Jews is to be an example. The Torah describes us, thousands of years ago, as expressing the virtues of modesty and privacy
Parshah Essay
How do we reach true unity?
The Magazine
We know way too much. Information from every corner of the world comes flooding in, and much of it is not good—tragedy, terror, trauma . .
The Joys of Unplugging
At dinner I found myself sitting across from David. He was smart, not bad looking, and had a real British sense of humo(u)r. After the meal ended, we continued talking for over an hour
This salad screams summer, and with two dressing options and lots of add-ins, you can personalize it to your taste

Dear reader,

When I was growing up, my father often brought unusual guests to our Shabbat table. My sisters and I referred to one of these guests as “Mr. Mna Mna.” He would guzzle down my mother’s delicacies, spilling some on our pristine white tablecloth. When the piping hot chicken soup was served, he’d slurp it, making loud “mna, mna” noises—and thus our nickname.

I don’t remember my...

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