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Joseph was in tune with another person’s pain
Time in Thought
Chutes and Ladders
Parshah Essay
Is privacy going extinct in the digital age?
Until the coming of Moshiach, there exists no individual who can possibly be perfect, devoid of all flaws.
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Stories of Return
Sometimes it’s me who is missing a tune.
Craft it Jewish
Life Lessons
Was I really returning home, or just to the memories of what once was?
These moments captured the essence of our people--the faith, the hope and the unity.

Dear reader,

It had been a while since my friend, Sally, and I last had lunch together.

“Today’s a very special day,” she announced. “Today are my birthdays--my Jewish birthday as well as my secular birthday.”

I smiled, congratulating her and wishing her many more years in health.

“Do you know how seldom the two birthdays come together?” she asked.

Actually, I did. Every 19 years....

We need to remember that we are surrounded by ladders. And even if we suddenly find ourselves on the bottom, there are many paths, some unexpected, to making it right back up.
— Adult Lessons from a Child's Game

Your beliefs don’t make you a better person; your behavior does.

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