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Day One: Chesed of chesed

Day One: Chesed of chesed

1st Day of the Omer


Week one - Chesed

Love is the single most powerful and necessary component in life. Love is the origin and foundation of all human interactions. It is both giving and receiving. It allows us to reach above and beyond ourselves. To experience another person and to allow that person to experience us. It is the tool by which we learn to experience the highest reality - G‑d. In a single word: love is transcendence.

Day One: Chesed of Chesed

Examine the love aspect of love. The expression of love and its level of intensity. Everyone has the capacity to love in their hearts. The question is if and how we actualize and express it.

Ask yourself:

What is my capacity to love another person? Do I have problems with giving? Am I stingy or selfish? Is it difficult for me to let someone else into my life? Do I have room for someone else? Do I allow room for someone else? Am I afraid of my vulnerability, of opening up and getting hurt? How do I express love? Am I able to communicate my true feelings? Do I withhold expressing love out of fear of reaction? Or on the contrary: I often express too much too early. Do others misunderstand my intentions?

Whom do I love? Do I only love those that I relate to and who relate to me? Do I have the capacity to love a stranger; to lend a helping hand to someone I don't know? Do I express love only when it's comfortable?

Why do I have problems with love and what can I do about it? Does my love include the other six aspects of chesed, without which love will be distorted and unable to be truly realized.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
Republished with the permission of If you wish to republish this article in a periodical, book, or website, please email
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Anonymous WA April 15, 2014

how should we count? Is their a Shammai versus Hilel type of omer count? Like why don't we count 49 down to zero like Nasa t-minus etc.?

Also if one loves the men of the day by whose zeal we give thanks to G*D for the Sheni we have a cummulated effort of 80 days. both copies of the Torah and if those upper 4 weeks were applied all of the sefirot could be incorporated. Has that ever been done? Reply

Michelle UK June 7, 2013

I am being taught this and learning a valuable lesson thanks to the learning of the Kabbalah. I feel like I am learning to love all without judgement. It's easy to love all when all is G-d and there for our greater benefit. Then we can give glory to G-d! Reply

Susan D Indiana March 26, 2013

A Non-Jew Counting Omer I hope that none will be offended, but, even thought I am not Jewish, my inner self urges me to do this this year. Surely anyone, no matter what his or her spiritual path, could benefit from the self-examination inherent in this practice. I am both excited and apprehensive as I begin this inner quest.

Blessings and strength to all who are also beginning this journey. Reply

m.m. March 25, 2013

Thank you for sharing your blessings and your holy light with all of us, and for bringing light to were is darkness and hope. thank you, love and gratitude Reply

chani brooklyn, ny April 10, 2012

middos Each of these middot can use a few essays and stories of explanations to really be digested.
I read these each night but cant be fully digested and applied. Reply

Susan, Colorado Basalt, CO April 7, 2012

Omer Another blessing given to be able to look at yourself and become the best person you can be Reply

Anonymous Pittsburgh, PA USA April 6, 2012

counting of the Omer Thank you for reminding us of the county of the omer and also for the commentary Reply

Pearly Engel Brooklyn, N.Y May 1, 2011

THANX!!! :) Thank you so much for the beautiful explanation on Chessed!! I had a report to do on it, and you guys helped me a lot!!! Thank you again!!!! =) Reply

Anonymous St. Charles, IL, US April 19, 2011

Love I love you all! Reply

Davida Geller Rosenberg lutz, fl April 19, 2011

chesed and counting the omer outstanding questions in 'chesed.' You would make a good husband. A man who has the capacity to ask such things, ... is worth the effort to love. Yes.. because love is an investment.. and love has the capacity to
inflict wounds. We must not be foolish with our investments. Love is dangerous. Reply

Elisheva NYC, NY, USA April 4, 2010

Lo and Behold I didn't start this on the first day, so I back-tracked to read it. And--lo and behold--it completely hit home with me! I was going to pose some of these same very questions about myself to my Rabbi. But I never got that far. Instead, just reading them here gives me pause.

And I hope the answers will emerge soon--either through my daily Omer counting & these readings--or somewhere else on this site. Lord knows, I sure don't feel like taking this to a shrink! Reply

Valdiana Bristol, UK March 30, 2010

Chesed of Chesed There is a lot contained in this one reading for this first day of the counting of the Omer.

May the Holy One, Blessed Be He, give us strength to understand how to heal these things in ourselves and in our world. Reply

Julie Starr Thornhill, Ont. March 29, 2010

all your wonderful work I love your website and all the emails I just adds to my knowledge....thank you for the great gifts! Chag Samaech! Reply

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