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Day Three: Tiferet of Chesed

Day Three: Tiferet of Chesed

3rd Day of the Omer


There is love and there is beautiful love. True love includes empathy and compassion which makes it a beautiful love. Love is often fostered in expectation of reciprocity. Real love is expressed even when one gets nothing in return; even when the other doesn't deserve love. Tiferet is giving also to those that have hurt you. It acknowledges the discipline of gevurah and says that, nevertheless, compassionate love calls for helping all.

Exercise for the day: Offer a helping hand to a stranger.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Marcia Chico April 14, 2017

Yes, let's help the needy stranger, and also family members who are in difficulty. Reply

Anonymous Mi. April 25, 2016

exercise of the day Today I will offer a hand to a stranger Reply Staff via April 15, 2015

To Anonymous, NZ Yes, click on next on the top of the page to see the next day. Reply

Michael adi nachman zion, jerusalem April 7, 2015

Beautiful love I will try! Reply

Diane B Moody April 7, 2015

love is a beautiful thing that overcomes evil it says in God's Word love covers a multitude of sin Reply

Eileen W Texas, USA April 6, 2015

Thank you for these encouraging thoughts !
I find a great challenge when showing love to those who have caused deep hurt in my family.

Texas, USA Reply

Anonymous New Zealand April 6, 2015

diaspora For those of us who are 'out here' is there any way we could we have an option to see the following days Omer count? Reply

Laura Nahariyah,Israel April 17, 2014

everyone deserves love Reply

Dr. Elyas F. Isaacs PhD,DPH,DDiv. New York April 14, 2013

Vayikra Personally, I prefer Vayikra and the "Golden Rule". 27,35, 27, 35, 26, 33, 11, 13, 33, 10, 27, 35 ... over and over again becomes tiring and unsustainable after a few times through!!

Shema Yisrael Reply

Illece Buckley Weber Agoura Hills, CA via April 12, 2013

Counting the Omer Thank you for sharing the spirituality of counting the Omer. The insights are particularly meaningful and welcome. Reply

martha March 29, 2013

I like the Omer readings because they are subjects that I can apply to my daily life. I like to think of it as a daily devotional. Although I have missed the omer readings in the past, I hope never to let that happen again. Reply

Eugina Giovanna Herrera New York City, New York March 29, 2013

Thank you Always say thank you with kindness, To give to others come from within our hearts with gratitude.

Thank you Reply

Jeff B. Cromwell, PhD Pittsburgh, PA March 28, 2013

Potential Possibilities of this Garden The possibilities and choices that arise with love in this garden on the four level journey of the 32 paths of wisdom is very exciting. It is my favorite. Reply

BA Kress Austin, Texas March 28, 2013

Balance I would add the thought that there is loving kindness, and there is also loving kindness with appropriate balance.

Without this balance, in particular a certain sort of discipline, the loving kindness may be poorly and ineffectually directed. Or it may lack the focus, attention, and strength to make our best contribution to the life of the person to whom our love is intended. Reply

Elyas Fraenkel Isaacs New York, New York April 9, 2012

Counting Things, Any Thing One of my very, very favorite past times as mathematician using wisdom and knowledge I always attribute to Our Heaven King, that is, the Lord of the Universe, is "creating" or "enumerating" or [technically] "inducting" the Natural Number System, that is, the counting number starting at one and going onward by counting numbers, integers, ordinals to the infinite "number". Then it's onto and into the uncountable but understandable transfinite numbers beginning with the transfinite "set" of Aleph Null.
In a nutshell, one begins with 1 or a single idea or concept and then uses a method of "induction" or "combining" or "building" more such by "combining" what one has. So, 1 combined with 1 is 1 + 1 and we name it 2 and 2 "inducted" is thereso 2 + 1 and we name 3 and onward and so on for as long as one desires. Presto, there are the Natural Numbers and all that follow. Reply

Emine Seattle, WA April 22, 2011

beautiful garden Waking into this day, the way for me to remember and carry the 3rd day beauty is to go into my garden and get those precious fava bean sprouts into the prepared earth. Honoring the Beloved Mother, thanking her for continually giving back to us, is, for me, living Tiferet of Chesed. Even if it is a little chilly out there! Reply

Josie Toronto, Canada April 22, 2011

Love in the midst of unlovingness I now understand Love as the 'force or energy' that holds the universe together. I know too that forgiveness is a vital part of the grand design. I have come to the place where after much, much work on myself that I feel terrible if I think or be unloving or if I delay forgiving. This is the freest I have ever been and it feels Great! Reply

Karyl Punta Gorda, FL April 21, 2011

Pure Love Yes, I feel love in my heart and know my life is blessed beyond my wildest dreams - still when someone I love hurts me, is insensitive, mean or disrespectful, I do feel my heart center close and not want to 'outwardly' reach out or continue to give. I still feel love inside, but it gets restricted from being expressed. I know this is not serving G-d in the purest way. It's a problem for me, especially since it seems to happen often with people/family around me. Expectations!! Reply

Chaya Bluma April 21, 2009

Experiencing Beautiful Love from my Sponsor I thank G-d daily for blessing me with a wonderful sponsor who though she lives in a foreign country, is of a different religion and English isn't her mother tongue - is available for me and is lovingly helping me recover! To me, her unselfish outpouring of generous love is nothing short of a miracle! Reply

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