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Day Four: Netzach of Chesed

Day Four: Netzach of Chesed

4th Day of the Omer


Is my love enduring? Does it withstand challenges and setbacks? Ups and downs of life. How much am I ready to fight for the love I have? Does my love have spirit and valor?

Exercise for the day: Do something that takes fight for a loved one.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Discussion (7)
June 7, 2013
I just felt the need to reply to Anonymous from Arizona US.
Maybe the reason you are not getting the desired love in return is because you are expecting to receive something for the love you give. Give your love without expecting anything in return and know that G-d could not love you anymore than he already does!
March 30, 2013
I may have missed yesterday's count...but great was the day I wad reminded of what love will make you do...I blessed the only and true living One this blessed morning.
Ian J. Knighton
Can currently in Baton Rouge, LA
March 29, 2013
Day Four: Netzach of Chesed
I feel that I love, love, and love. Everything and everyone. But there are many who do not love me. What can one do? Just accept it. If someone is hurtful, walk away from them. There are people who can be very hurtful. With their mouth, behavior, and just do not love. Some do not know how to love. Who knows why. Traumas, maybe. I always give it a try by being friendly. But one can tell if there is no hope from some people. Only Hashem can turn a bitter heart into a sweet, loving one. He is the Creator of all. I feel that changing someone is Hashem's work. All we need to do is pray for all people.
Arizona, USA
March 29, 2013
Let's think of what it takes to bring chesed into the world beyond our personal loved ones and make an enduring and successful impact for the good. It may be in the political arena, or in our groups or communities, or simply in the society of the "other," a person in need.

It's often hard. It takes effort, strength, patience. Bringing chesed in the world is frequently painful.

Those in greatest need of love and compassion are sometimes where they are because their immediate world places them in need. Breaking into that world to right the wrongs and bring love to bear in a transformative way often has little support, even, sadly, from the ones in need.

This is not to justify being overbearing in one's love. It's rather to say there's a powerful need for the netzach of chesed!
BA Kress
Austin, Texas
April 10, 2012
Beautiful and meaningful.....
Each one of these daily thoughts is simple but deep and at least, for me it speaks to my heart and gives me something positive to think and carry its message during my daily routine. At work I can just close my eyes and visualized it's message, that keeps me going. Thanks for the guide!!!
Miami, Florida
April 22, 2011
the greatest love!
fighting for love, or being willing to lay down one's life for someone they love is the greatest love any man can show.
riverside, ca
April 2, 2010
This is so great
I used this as a guide last year and really love it. some of the daily words weren't relevant, I am widowed and have no kids, have very little problems with my friends or family, but I really enjoyed reading the daily entries anyway, They gave me something to think about
Rachel Garber
Phila, PA USA
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