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Learning Center
Tanya Bits
“Why are you walking if you’re not even going anywhere?”
Last week I carried out a social experiment...
Parshat Zachor
Is it mere coincidence that every totalitarian regime has first exerted control over memory?
The Magazine
Dear Rachel
Should I find another profession? Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a teacher.
“My wife,” complained the man, “every week she makes for Shabbat a delicious kugel. I love that kugel! All week I work and shlep, just for that kugel! When I just think of that kugel, my mouth starts...

Dear Readers,

Due to security precautions, every once in a while, our IT management team decides on new protocol. Since so many of us are logging into our computer systems, often remotely from all over the world, I understand why these practices are necessary.

But at the same time, as someone who isn’t adept to change, especially technological ones, I usually say a silent prayer before...

Clothing brings honor and glory to the wearer. It’s not just that clothing can make you look good, it makes you look respectable and dignified.
— The Wisdom of Modesty
Handy Household Hacks
Hard to Reach

Having trouble cleaning under your appliances? Instead of picking them up and moving them, you can clean under them using a stick. Pull an old sock over the stick and then run it underneath.

A Waste

Don’t waste your life in friction; turn it into momentum.

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