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Mishnah 5:7 “Seven qualities that bring us to the acquisition of truth…” The layout of the Mishnah teaches us that framing things in the positive is better than focusing on what is wrong. It then...
Rosh Chodesh
This month begins with the last days of Chanukah. By internalizing the message of the ever-increasing lights of the menorah—reminding us of the power of good over evil—we are able to reveal the good...
There is no doubt that these flames are telling a story. The real question is, are we listening?
A series of drawings by Dutch artist Shoshannah Brombacher, based on the Biblical stories about Joseph, the son of the patriarch Jacob
The Magazine
Time In thought
It’s not the first time I hear this, and it probably won’t be the last. The woman sitting before me is so afraid of having a baby. I watch her face and try to decipher the source of the tension from...
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A Chanukah Story
Personal Stories
Gently, the doctor breaks the devastating news to Debbie that Mark probably won't survive.

Dear Readers,

I was speaking to a friend whose child had been sick with a life-threatening illness. I asked her about her faith. Did she have questions? Was she angry at G‑d?

She told me that as she was going through her ordeal, she didn’t have time to think. She was too busy fighting for her child’s life, getting treatment, consulting doctors and making medical arrangements. But she...

Each night of Chanukah, we increase light. When a child is born, he or she augments and increases light—the light of understanding, of educating. The light of making mistakes and learning from them. The light of growing.
— Growing With the Light
Handy Household Hacks
Plastic Straws

Prevent your jewelry from getting tangled by threading your necklaces through plastic straws.

Time for a Rest

When you get tired, make sure to rest, not give up.

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