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First, there are agonizing hours of wavering and uncertainty
From the story of the prophetess Chanah, we learn the proper way to approach G‑d and express our needs
I can invest in the beauty of my spiritual home, permeating it with the knowledge of G‑dliness and holiness
He knows we are not angels, because He didn’t create us to be perfect. But He did create us with the ability to connect with others and become better people . . 
The Magazine
Rosh Hashanah
Once words are in print, they feel very permanent. Once you put it out there, it’s out there; you can’t take it back
Craft it Jewish
Make a beautiful hand-painted honey plate for Rosh Hashanah
Time in Thought
Leah was unhappy and frustrated at work. Her husband was also miserable with his job. Ever since they got married, they lived in the same apartment, had the same jobs. Everything was the same. They...
In this dessert the tart pomegranate syrup and fresh seeds provide the perfect contrast to the rich chocolate and sweet shortbread crust

Dear readers,

Several weeks ago, I received a memorable e‑mail. It was from someone who years ago had attended the same school as I. We were never particularly close, and I had completely lost touch with her. She had just read my most recent book and wanted to thank me for the inspiration. She wrote that over the years she had read many of my articles and books, but had never bothered to...

On Rosh Hashanah we choose G‑d as our King, and we request that He choose us as His people. We ask Him to elevate us so that we can see the good, where the choice to do good is as straightforward and natural as the choice to live.
— If the Ceiling Could Talk
Hotel Guest

Going to the front desk of New York’s exclusive Pierre Hotel, Mr. Mendelbaum requested some stationery.

The clerk asked, “Are you a guest at the hotel?”

Mr. Mendelbaum snapped indignantly, “No, I am not a guest. I am paying $300 a day!”

Candle Lighting Times
Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech
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