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Nobody is too small or incapable to add new light and bring G-dliness into our world
Isn’t religion just another way to feel safe?
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Lessons from the Ethics of Our Fathers
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Unfortunately, it’s not always easy
Simply Special
We couldn't get the bus driver to look at Chaim Boruch, let alone wave, say goodbye or smile at him!
Our Lives
I see flashes in my left eye. I need an appointment with a retina specialist
A healthier version of the traditional Shabbat loaves

Dear reader,

A tiny sliver of wood, so small it was hardly discernable. That’s all it was. But as my skin pressed against some rough surface, that tiny millimeter of wood broke off and lodged itself in my forefinger.

I would never have detected this invasion. But, a few days after it made its new abode in the tip of my finger, redness and irritation developed. Upon close inspection, it...

Some days, it is difficult to receive this negative vibe. It pulls us downward, creating stormy clouds that threaten the light that shines from within. Yet, with strength, and the inner will to live and love, we can open up our umbrella despite the gusty winds, an umbrella that opens from the soul.
— Why Won’t That Bus Driver Smile?
Male and Female Shopping Styles

Men go shopping to buy what they want.

Women go shopping to find out what they want.

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