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She arrived in New York wearing a floor-length yellow sari and couldn’t care less about what she no longer had. She feels differently today
Video Series
The Torah's guidelines for mourning are sensitive to and appreciate what the mourner needs during this time
Growing a family is no easy feat, and for the Jewish women in Egypt, it was especially difficult
On a child’s birthday, his or her parents recommit to guiding their child to increase in learning and good deeds
The Magazine
Pondering Jew
I had never seen a leader so totally revered by his followers
"What's your secret? How do you teach your kids to be considerate?"
Craft it Jewish
Take your camera on a beautiful journey surrounded by nature. This project will keep you in touch with the life cycle of the trees and the changing seasons
A group affiliated with Chabad in Merrick, N.Y., makes concrete efforts to boost health and hope

Dear reader,

My father-in-law, Rabbi Yankel Weisberg o.b.m., devoted his life to building up Torah institutions and communal organizations. In this capacity, he regularly consulted with leading Torah figures. Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner, the rosh yeshivah (dean) of Yeshivat Chaim Berlin, was one such individual.

In 1950, soon after the passing of the Previous Rebbe, the chassidim wanted his capable...

Despite our delusions, having more doesn’t equal being more content. It’s learning to live life on G‑d’s terms, which brings both inner peace and happiness. Wealth happens on the inside.
— Are You a Fallen Heiress?
Say What?

Husband: "This study explains that women talk twice as much as men. On average men will use only 15,000 words a day compared to women’s use of 30,000 words a day."

Wife: "That's because women have to say everything twice."

Husband: “What?”

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