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We have almost no awareness of G‑dliness at all, but we sustain all of the spiritual worlds with our mitzvahs.
Parshah Essay
What is our responsibility toward the environment?
Man seeks woman, and woman yearns for man. But the trick is learning to contract in order to come together . . .
Uses and abuses of the Inner Voice
The Magazine
Simply Special
The weary and worn memories are further and further from today, but they are there.
“I’m not Jewish,” Frank said to me. “Does that mean you wouldn’t marry me?”
Simchat Torah
We were completely unaware of the festivities we would encounter...
Meat and rice, rolled up in cabbage and cooked in a decadent sauce.

Dear reader,

It was the last weekend of the summer, and we seized the opportunity to visit my parents in Toronto. After a beautiful Shabbat together, we decided to break up our long drive home by stopping midway.

That is how we found ourselves driving along the serene country roads leading to Watkins Glen State Park in the New York Finger Lakes region. My husband had read that it had a...

This is the "female" endeavor: to seek the divine in what is, to stimulate our inner essence instead of overwhelming it with light from without. To cultivate rather than to conquer, to be rather than to do.
— The Kabbalah of Female and Male

All men should make coffee for their women. It says so in the Bible…”HEBREW”.

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