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Your Questions
What Does “Goniff” Mean?
“Goniff” is Hebrew and Yiddish for “thief,” and has come to refer to anyone who is a swindler, a cheat or just plain dishonest.
Should I Be a Teacher?

Should I find another profession? Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a teacher.
Jewish Guilt

Soul Food: A Spiritual Perspective on What You Eat

We live in a world where people are cooking less and less, yet are fascinated by the art of cooking. What is it about food that so intrigues us and draws us together? How do we uplift our food and eat with more consciousness?
Who Was Amalek?

The ancient enemy of the Israelites, who lives on as a metaphor for scoffing and doubt.

We’ve heard all about Moses; but who was Aaron?
What’s the Point?

I was working out on the treadmill, and my son was looking at me strangely. “But what’s the point, Mommy?” he asked. “Why are you walking if you’re not even going anywhere?”
The Woman Who Gives Strength to Those Who Protect Us

“There’s a lady you’ll always see at the post with cookies and treats, a Chabad lady; she’s really nice and caring.”
Jewish News
In Parkland and Coral Springs, an Area-Wide Shiva for the Fallen

Two grief-stricken towns remember their children, hoping to channel anguish into positive change.
Parkland Tragedy Strikes Deep Among Teens Nationwide

CTeen gatherings give young people an opportunity to express their grief.
He’d Never Heard of Tefillin: Now He’s Leading a Campus Campaign

Binghamton U. students fan out across campus to inspire others.
South Africa’s New President Receives a Rabbi’s Blessing

The Rebbe’s assurance of safety and prosperity is recalled.
Why Only the Postman Jumped Up

Despite his efforts to maintain a low profile, word of Reb Eizel’s arrival traveled quickly . . .
Who Was Samson?

Samson was a nazarite who was endowed by G‑d with herculean strength, which he used to fight the Philistines.
Art: Purim In Israel

Easy Marinated London Broil

Behold! A ladder was set on the ground, and its top reached to heaven; and behold, angels of G‑d were ascending and descending upon it.
— Jacob’s dream, Genesis 28:12
Print Magazine

There is a quiet happiness: an inner sense of bliss, the innocent joy of a small child, one of wonderment and gratitude. It is a happiness to carry with you at all times.

Then there are those seasons when happiness blooms for all to see, bursting out in song, in dance, in celebration. A festival, a wedding, a time to...