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Editor's Note: Your Purim Getaway

Dear Friend,

If you’re in the Northeast like me, you’ve had enough of winter. You want it away, and if it won’t go away then you will. Thankfully, Chabad has you covered. With Purim just around the corner (March 4-5), Chabad will whisk you to a local Purim celebration that will put you in another time or place.

Live around N.Y. or N.J.? Celebrate Purim in England, Paris or under the sea. Near L.A. you can Purim party like they do in Israel, Dallas and even at the circus! If Florida is where you reside, then try Purim in the Wild West, the jungle or the farm. Celebrate Purim in Hawaii in Boise; Purim in China in Leeds; and Purim in Italy in Reading.

There’s Purim in the 70’s, 60’s, and even the 1920’s! Can’t get far enough? There’s even an Intergalactic Purim!

But for me – I’ll even take a simple Purim in the shul.

Need to find your local Purim celebration? Click here for your ticket to a Purim celebration. And drop a line to your local center letting them know that you’ll be there – they will appreciate it!

Happy Purim,

Moshe Rosenberg
on behalf of the Editorial Team

P.S. Where will you celebrate Purim this year? Share with us!

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