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Editor's Note: From the Six-Day War to Shavuot

Dear Friend,

Exactly 50 years ago, Jerusalem was reunited under Jewish control. Even before the fighting finished, Jews from all over streamed toward the Kotel (Western Wall). Shofar blasts pierced the air, and heartfelt sobbing could be heard from even the most battle-toughened soldiers.

Barriers of political affiliation, cultural milieu, level of observance and Torah education all melted in the flaming fire of Jewish unity that was felt so powerfully by all. Everyone had witnessed the miraculous turnaround that had just happened.

This is the unity of Shavuot. When our ancestors stood at the foot of Mt. Sinai 3,329 years ago, ready to receive the Torah, they were “as one person with one heart.”

We can do it again. Let’s all gather in synagogues on Wednesday morning to hear the Ten Commandments. There is a spot for everyone at your closest Chabad synagogue, where we can all gather “as one person with one heart.”

See you on Shavuot!

The Editorial Team

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— Hayom Yom, 7th day of Chanukah
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One man carries rocks for a livelihood. Give him emeralds, and all he sees is more rocks.

Another carries diamonds with devotion and care. Give him the emeralds, and he exclaims, “What beauty is here!”

Only one who values his own heritage is able to appreciate the beauty that others hold.

from a letter to Rabbi Jonathan Sacks in his youth.