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Splitting the Sea
What Does G-d Have to Do with It?

Is it possible to be spiritual and selfish at the same time?
One More

My husband and I had been married for three and a half years, and we desperately wanted children . . .
Celebrating the Future Redemption
Egypt and the 21st Century

Make use of your mental Photoshop program and insert yourself into the picture. You will be experiencing the drama along with the others; you will try to feel their pain and plight. Ready?
The Eighth Day of Pesach: The Feast of Moshiach

On transforming the belief in Moshiach into reality.
Counting the Omer
Why Do We Count the Omer?

From the second night of Passover until the day before the holiday of Shavuot, the Jewish people engage in an unique mitzvah called Sefirat HaOmer—the counting of the Omer.
Sefirat HaOmer Minisite
Between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot, the Omer is counted each evening, signifying our preparation for the receiving of the Torah on the holiday of Shavuot. Your one-stop site for an enhanced Omer experience.
Moshiach and the End of Days

What is it that will come to an end in the future redemption, and what will existence be like?
Beyond the Law

Gain insight into a completely different section of the Talmud, known as Aggadah or Aggadata, which contains much more than halachic legal discussions and rational analysis. In this introduction to Aggadata, we explore the style, makeup and significance of this obscure and magical area of Talmud.
Splitting of Sea
The splitting of the Reed Sea as the Jews left Egypt.
Cauliflower Au Gratin

You won't miss the potatoes or the dairy that are typically found in a gratin.
A Galilean scholar lectured before Rabbi Chisda: Blessed be the Merciful One who gave a three-fold Torah (consisting of Torah, Prophets and Scriptures) to a three-fold people (comprised of Kohanim, Levites and Israelites) through a third-born (Moses, the third child of Amram and Jocheved) on the third day in the third month...
— Talmud, Shabbat 88a
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We are limited by the very fact that we have human form. There is no freedom in following our whim, only further slavery to our own limited selves. Freedom can come only by connecting to something infinite and beyond us.

And so Moses was told, “When you take the people out from Egypt, you shall all serve G‑d on this...