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Your Questions
Why Celebrate Passover?

Maybe identity isn't such a bad thing after all.
Why Dip Karpas (Vegetable) at the Seder?

On a basic level, that is exactly why we do it—so you should ask the question “why?”
What Is a Mezuzah?
Mezuzah scrolls are rolled up and affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes, reminding those who live there of their connection to G‑d and their heritage.
Won’t Let Go

It’s very hard for me to let go of friendships or relationships. I am a very loyal person, and once I become connected, I want to stay connected.
Just by Existing

I’m pathetically biased, but I embrace my bias. I feel sated with pride, although my children haven’t done anything uniquely successful or unusually brilliant—not yet. I wonder: is this the way G‑d feels towards us?
Got Salt?

The commandment to place salt on every sacrifice is repeated three times. Why so much emphasis?
Vayikra Haftarah Companion

“Who would fashion a god or a molten statue that has no purpose?”
The Stranger Who Saved Me From Fainting on the Subway

“I think I am going to faint,” I say nervously to no one in particular.
Prayer without direction of the heart is like a body without a soul
— Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi
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As long as you’re holding on to where you were yesterday, you’re standing still.

29 Elul 5737:2.