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Recent Features
Four of a Kind
The Midrash teaches that each of the Four Species on Sukkos represents one kind of Jew and concludes: “On Sukkos, all four Jews must join together, for each one completes the others.”
Let the World Know
The sukkah is a testament to G‑d’s protection over the Jewish people. Like the clouds of glory in the desert, which it represents, the sukkah brings the nations of the world to respect the Jewish...
Memories of My Mother
The Rebbe recalls his mother's activities during World War I.
Chassidism - What? When? Why?
There are many explanations given to define the contribution of Chassidism.
Morning Prayers
Timeless Moment
The Four Kinds
Eye to Eye
A Fateful Blessing
My Encounter
One does not tire of counting diamonds.
— The Lubavitcher Rebbe, when asked how he could stand on his feet for hours greeting the thousands who came to see him is a joint project of and Jewish Educational Media