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Lasting Freedom
G-d could have delivered everything on a silver platter, but that would be the opposite of true freedom.
The Birthday Campaign
A birthday is a time for introspection
Helping Others with Passover Needs
The obligations of the month of Nissan already begin thirty days before Passover
The Previous Rebbe's Dangerous Speech in Moscow, 1927
He spoke about the imperative to provide Jewish children with an authentic Torah education, even under communist rule.
Kos Shel Brocha
Timeless Moment
Awaiting Moshiach
Eye to Eye
In a mature tree, a gash here or a torn branch there is of little or no consequence. But the smallest scratch in the seed, the slightest nick in the sapling, results in a flaw which the decades to come will deepen rather than erase...
— The Lubavitcher Rebbe on education is a joint project of and Jewish Educational Media