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Jewish News
Salt Lake City rabbi also helps addicts’ families and those at risk
Jewish News
Southern California rabbis provide food, clothing and essentials to evacuees
Contemporary Voices
My summer yeshivah experience as a 39-year-old dad

Without miracles, we might come to believe that the laws of physics define reality. Once we witness the inexplicable, we see that there is a higher reality. And then we look back at physics and say, “This too is a miracle.”

The miracle of a small flask of oil burning for eight days was this sort of miracle.


Jewish News
Vancouver study group marks 19 Kislev, ‘The New Year of Chassidism’
Contemporary Voices
A Kabbalistic SciFi Fantasy
The Day of Liberation for Chassidism
Jewish Holidays
Become an expert on this widely celebrated but barely understood Jewish wintertime festival.
They hung it from two poles, each with two men at each end; thus it required eight men to carry the cluster of grapes. One man carried a fig, and one a pomegranate
– Rashi on Numbers 13:23, describing how the Spies brought back the fruit of the Land of Canaan
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