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Jewish Holidays
Of all Jewish events, a Chanukah holiday celebration is probably one of the most flexible, with the most room for creative improvisation, so there are very few hard, fast rules of what to do when....
Jewish News
South Dakota, Arkansas, Hawaii . . . it’s all part of a growing Chanukah tradition

There is more than one form of light. Stare at a flame and you will see.

Close to the wick burns a dark light—the light of carbon burning.

Further from the wick is a bright, dancing light—the light of fire shining.

In life, too, there is a dark light. From your struggle with bitter, hard times, you grow and...

Jewish Holidays
Light Up Your Environment!
A Chanukah message from the Rebbe
Jewish News
Tech Tribe, a group for young Jewish professionals, mixes digital with just about everything
Chassidim never say farewell, for they never depart from each other; wherever they are, they are one family
– Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch (Hayom Yom, 10 Adar II)
5th Day of Chanukah Miracle (139 BCE)
On the 25th of Kislev in the year 3622 from creation, the Maccabees liberated the Holy Temple in... Read More »
In commemoration of the miracle of Chanukah (see "Today in Jewish History" for Kislev 25) we kindle... Read More »
Special prayers of thanksgiving -- Hallel (in its full version) and Al HaNissim -- are added to the... Read More »
On Chanukah we eat foods fried in oil -- such as latkes (potato cakes) and sufganiot (doughnuts) ... Read More »
It is customary to play dreidel -- a game played with a spinning top inscribed with the... Read More »
It is an age-old custom to distribute gifts of Chanukah gelt ("Chanukah money") to children on... Read More »
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