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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
Commemorating the 1st yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yehoshua B. Gordon, OBM
Questions & Answers
I could really use the extra cash, I was planning on offering an early-bird special: Customers can get a discount if they pay in advance . . .
Jewish News
Foggy, rugged island on the North Atlantic has no Jewish school or kosher dairy—at least, not yet

“I was in the midst of the exile, on the river of Kevar.” (Ezekiel 1:1)

(Kevar is the Hebrew word for “already.”)

At the onset of the exile, Ezekiel sat on the bank of a river called “I heard that already.”

It is a river so cold, it can make icicles from fiery sparks of wisdom.

It is a river so putrid, the most...
While G-d entrusts the parents with the ability to make a very special contribution, He never removes Himself from the equation.
The Jewish Woman
Who else comes to a massage therapist except women with tense backs?
A practical lesson from the placement of this week's Parshah
Contemporary Voices
Jake Green has it all figured out. Author of a popular philosophy of life, he has little time for the distractions of religion. But after a chance encounter with an old friend, he begins to realize...
Questions & Answers
Will we be using laser cutters and cranes, or will be using the Iron Age techniques of the first two Temples?
The Jewish Woman
Every single day I'm confronted with people who are angry, critical, demanding, needy, selfish, immature, inconsiderate and unappreciative
Said Rabbi Joshua ben Levi: When a person walks along the way, a troop of angels march before him and announce: "Make way for the image of the Holy One, Blessed Be He"
– Midrash Rabbah, Devarim 4
Tosfot Yomtov Appointed Rabbi of Krakow (1644)
The 30th of Shevat is celebrated by the descendents of Rabbi Yomtov Lipman Heller (1579-1654) as a... Read More »
Today is the first of the two Rosh Chodesh ("Head of the Month") days for the month of Adar (when a... Read More »
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