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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
Contemporary Voices
Sporting a full beard and speaking a fluent Yiddish, the elderly man seemed strangely out of place in this forgotten hamlet.
The Jewish Woman
A metaphorical description of my personal inner battles

If you are serving the same G‑d today as you served yesterday, what kind of god have you made for yourself?

Can G‑d be frozen and defined? Does He get older with each day? Does He eventually, then, become of a relic of the past?

Where there is love and where there is awe, each day brings a new discovery of wonder.

Tzion Bamishpat 5736.

Questions & Answers
Your question is quite a serious one, and unfortunately it has been posed many times throughout our tragic history. Here is how one rabbi answered.
When our sun shines, it can be easier to connect to G-d. But what about when we feel uninspired?
Jewish Holidays
The word Haggadah means “telling,” as its primary purpose is to facilitate the retelling the story of the Exodus from Egypt. It also guides participants through the ritual-rich Seder meal, indicating...
Two are better than one
– Ecclesiastes 4:9
Creation of man (in thought) (3761 BCE)
The Talmud (Rosh Hashanah 10b-11a) cites two opinions as to the date of G-d's creation of the... Read More »
The Patriarchs (1813-1506 BCE)
According to the Talmud, the three Patriarchs of the Jewish people-- Abraham (1813-1638 BCE), Isaac... Read More »
Jewish Calendar Inaugurated (1313 BCE)
On the first of Nissan of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE--two weeks before the Exodus), G-d... Read More »
Mishkan Inaugurated (1312 BCE)
On the eighth day following a 7-day training and initiation period, the portable Mishkan... Read More »
Death of Nadav and Avihu (1312 BCE)
On the day the Mishkan was inaugurated (see above), "Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aaron, took each of... Read More »
Today isRosh Chodesh ("Head of the Month") for the month of Nissan. Special portions are added to the... Read More »
A special mitzvah, which can be fulfilled only once a year, is to recite the berachah ("blessing" or... Read More »
Beginning today, and continuing through Nissan 13, we recite the verses (from Numbers ch. 7)... Read More »
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