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When a person is uprooted from his habitual environment... there come to light certain traits of his inner character as they are in their purity, undistorted by the expectations of society. Often, these traits reveal the hidden good in this person, of which perhaps even he himself had been unaware, because they were hidden under the layers of “manners” and social conventions. Fortunate is the person who does not allow these traits to disappear when he subsequently settles down and finds tranquility.
– From a 1944 letter by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, recalling his days as a refugee in Vichy France

On our own, we cannot reach higher than our own fingertips lifted high.
We cannot break out of our own skin;
we cannot lift ourselves up by pulling at our own hair;
all of our achievements are tied to our own ego;
all that we may comprehend is defined by our own subjective perception.

We are prisoners by virtue of...

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