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Jewish News
The historic Yiddish-speaking city to celebrate 20 years of revival
Parshat Devarim
Jewish News
Chabad serves as a hub for prayer, celebration and learning—and food

There is a place in the heart only G‑d knows. It is not something of which you are aware, or can be aware. It is just there, and for its sake you were formed.

All of you must become transparent, a nothingness. Then this treasure will shine forth.

Maamarei Admor Hazaken Haketzarim, p. 370.

Questions & Answers
How can G-d be in the Holy Temple, where do mitzvahs, where we learn Torah, everywhere, and nowhere all at once?
“And they shall build for me a Sanctuary and I will dwell within them.” The Sages explain: “within them” – within the heart of every single Jew.
Jewish News
A mother hides with her five children while her husband and father-in-law are slain
Health & Wellness
You know what to say, your listener is waiting patiently, but you simple cannot … Get. The. Words. Out.
Jewish Holidays
Heightened mourning, uplifting visions and rejoicing with mitzvot
Jewish Holidays
Had the Temple not been initially constructed with the knowledge of, and the provision for, what was to happen on the ninth of Av, no mortal could have moved a single stone from its place.
Jewish News
Helping high school boys grow physically, mentally and spiritually
The Jewish Woman
When I joined my mother for the weekly visits to the church, I felt something wasn’t right.
Jewish Tales from the Past
The innkeeper lived modestly, but he offered his guests his best rooms and did everything he could to make their stay comfortable.
The Torah commands: "Six days shall you labor, and do all your work." Is it then possible for a person to do "all his work" in six days? But rest on Shabbat as if all your work is done
– Mechilta
During the “Nine Days" from Av 1st to the Ninth of Av, we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple.... Read More »
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