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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
A lesson on the foundation of true love
Jewish News
An overwhelming response to a worldwide call by the Rebbe in 1967 has lasted a half-century
Jewish News
University accommodates the needs of 22 students who had declined to take part in Saturday ceremonies

Every society has that which bonds it: A common ancestry and a system of lineage. Or a common language or common borders or governing body. Usually, it is a combination of several factors that mold a mass of people into a single whole.

The Jewish people are unique in that they have only a single nucleus—and it is none...

Jewish Holidays
Marriage at Mount Sinai
Jewish News
Mayor pays a visit to the renowned rabbi, who continues to recover from a recent stroke
Jewish Holidays
Many have the custom to decorate the synagogue and home with greenery and flowers in honor of Shavuot. Here’s why.
Jewish News
A meat restaurant becomes a boon for Jewish students and the surrounding community
Jewish News
One of two Jewish students at school, he learned Hebrew and blessings with the help of a rabbi
The Jewish Woman
We had started out rather late—apparently too late to arrive at the hospital in time.
Parshat Bamidbar
Jewish News
Food and hot drinks for police, and a special evening prayer gathering for Jewish students
A short documentary (May 28, 1967)
And the shipmaster approached [Jonah] and said to him: "Why do you sleep? Arise, and call upon your G-d!"
– Jonah 1:6
Jews Prepare to Receive Torah (1313 BCE)
On Sivan 3, G-d instructed Moses to "set boundaries for the people around, saying, 'Beware of... Read More »
Vespasian Captures Jericho (68 CE)
In his advance towards the destruction of Jerusalem, Rome Emperor Titus Flavius Vespasianus... Read More »
Today begin the three days of preparation for the festival of Shavuot known as the "Three Days of... Read More »
Tomorrow is the forty-eighth day of the Omer Count. Since, on the Jewish calendar, the day begins at... Read More »
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