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Ezra's Address (347 BCE)
Ezra, head of the Sanhedrin and the leader of the Jewish people at the time of the building of the... Read More »
Tanya Published (1796)
The first printing of the "bible of Chassidism", the Tanya, the magnum opus of Rabbi Schneur Zalman... Read More »
The Rosh Hashanah ("new year") of Chassidism, marking the liberation of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi... Read More »
With his gossip and slander, [the person afflicted with tzaraat] separated a husband from his wife, a man from his neighbor; therefore said the Torah (Leviticus 13:46): "He shall dwell alone."
– Talmud

In your worldly business, just do what needs to be done and trust in G-d to fill in the rest.

In your spiritual business, however, you’ll have to take the whole thing on your own shoulders. Don’t rely on G-d to heal the sick, help the poor, educate the ignorant and teach you Torah.

He's relying on you.

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