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Announcement made at International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Emissaries
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Donor family helps a popular project reach more people

Perhaps a person will say,

“I cannot fathom an infinite Creator, so why should I attempt to do so?”

“And why should I attempt to awaken my heart to show Him love? What can the love of this puny creature provide Him?”

“So I will just serve Him in complete surrender, doing that which is to be done, connecting to a...

Jewish News
An evening where women focus on themselves and their Judaism
A beautiful video surrounding the story of when the Rebbe suffered a severe heart attack on the night of Shemini Atzeres in 1977.
The Rebbe’s message to his chassidim a day after he suffered a heart attack.
The Bible relates that King David coronated his son, Solomon, during his own lifetime. King David, however, continued to rule until his own passing. How can two kings rule simultaneously, especially...
"And these are the laws which you shall set before them..." (Exodus 21:1). The phrase "and these" implies that they are a continuation of what is written before. This is to teach us that just as the laws written above (the Ten Commandment) are from Sinai, so, too, are these (the logical laws of Mishpatim) from Sinai.
– Rashi's commentary
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