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Millicent Rosen, 86, receives a proper funeral following a local rabbi’s visit to a hospice
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The sages of the Talmud take it as a given that tefillin are put on the left arm (or the right arm of a lefty) and offer several reasons…

As much as the human soul yearns to rise up and merge within the light of its Creator, so much more so does the Infinite Creator yearn to be found within the human soul.

If so, what force could stand between them? What could hold back the Creator’s infinite light?

Only His desire that this union occur with our consent...

Contemporary Voices
There are three types of thank you.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Vayeitzei
Character is a person’s only real possession
– Rabbi Israel Salanter
Once a month, as the moon waxes in the sky, we recite a special blessing called Kiddush Levanah... Read More »
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