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1555 Shulchan Aruch Completed (Orech Chaim)
The first section of the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Jewish Law) authored by Rabbi Joseph Caro... Read More »
As the last month of the Jewish year, Elul is traditionaly a time of introspection and stocktaking ... Read More »
The world is not the place of G-d -- G-d is the place of the world..
– Midrash Rabbah

So obsessed with his own self and his own space, he fits each person into a rigid box to suit his egocentric world. Those who fit are friends. Those who don’t get called all sorts of names.

Healthy human space flows and mixes. It makes room for a thousand others.

Maamar Hechaltzu, 5659. (The Rebbe pleaded that we...
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