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Passing of R. Chaim Vital (1620)
Nissan 30 is the yahrtzeit (anniversary of the passing) of the famed Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Vital... Read More »
Today is the first of the two Rosh Chodesh ("Head of the Month") days for the month of "Iyar" (when a... Read More »
Tomorrow is the sixteenth day of the Omer Count. Since, on the Jewish calendar, the day begins at... Read More »
Contemplate three things, and you will not come to the hands of transgression: Know what is above from you: a seeing eye, a listening ear, and all your deeds being inscribed in a book
– Ethics of the Fathers 2:1

There is compassion that feeds the ego
and there is compassion that humbles it.

Compassion that feeds the ego
is a sense of pity for those who stand beneath you.

Compassion that humbles
is born of a deeper understanding of the order of things:

When you understand that your fellow man is suffering
in order that you...

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