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"Second Passover" (1312 BCE)
A year after the Exodus, G-d instructed the people of Israel to bring the Passover offering on the... Read More »
Passing of Rabbi Meir (2nd Century CE)
Rabbi Meir, a second century scholar and scribe, was among the foremost disciples of Rabbi Akiba... Read More »
Jews of Bisenz Massacred (1605)
The Jews of Bisenz, Austria were massacred on the 14th of Iyar, 5365... Read More »
Germans Burn Jewish Books (1933)
Following the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany in the year 1933, the Nazis burned thousands of books... Read More »
Eichmann Captured in Buenos Aires (1960)
Adolf Eichmann, a key party in implementing of Hitler's "final solution," was captured by agents of... Read More »
It is customary to eat matzah today to mark the "Second Passover" (see "Today in Jewish... Read More »
Tomorrow is the thirtieth day of the Omer Count. Since, on the Jewish calendar, the day begins at... Read More »
I offer thanks to You, O living and everlasting king, for having restored my soul within me; great is Your faithfulness
– The "Modeh Ani" prayer, recited immediately upon waking each morning

A person is happy when he knows something worthwhile belongs to him. A person is very happy when he feels he is small and yet he owns something very great.

We are all finite owners of the Infinite.

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