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Dedicated by Moris and Lillian Tabacinic · In loving memory of Menachem Mendel and Shaindel Tabacinic
Jewish News Courses comes out with its seventh program, one that’s especially beguiling
Jewish News
Programs and visits to the Ohel mark the anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing

Every step along the way, keep one thing in mind: The same G‑d who runs the big, wide world is without a doubt the same G‑d who runs the little world of each one of us.

Just as He knows what is going on in the macrocosmos, so He is well aware of what is happening in your microcosmos. And you can rely on Him to direct...

Jewish News
Rabbi Ruvi New of Boca Raton makes his first album, ‘Storm the World’
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Mitzvahs & Traditions
Tefillin in Auschwitz—and elsewhere
Customs for the Rebbe’s yahrtzeit, based on a letter he wrote before the previous rebbe’s first yahrtzeit.
Something Spiritual on Parshat Chukat
Jewish News
Archival videos contextualize creative readings of Holocaust-era journal
Jewish Tales from the Past
The young man slowly accumulated a small fortune of twelve gold coins and one copper coin.
The Jewish Woman
I knew that the way I was feeling was not the kind of parent I wanted to be. I wanted to rediscover the enjoyment in parenting.
There are three things that are good in small quantities and bad in large quantities: yeast, salt and demurral
– Talmud, Brachot 34a
Passing of Rabbeinu Tam (1171)
Rabbi Yaakov ben Meir of Romereau (1100?-1171), known as "Rabbeinu Tam", was a grandson of Rashi... Read More »
Maharam Imprisoned (1286)
Rabbi Meir ben Baruch ("Maharam") of Rothenburg (1215?-1293), the great Talmudic commentator and... Read More »
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