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Day Four of Week 3: Netzach of Tiferet

Day Four of Week 3: Netzach of Tiferet

18th Day of the Omer


Is my compassion enduring and consistent? Is it reliable or whimsical? Does it prevail among other forces in my life? Do I have the capacity to be compassionate even when I’m busy with other activities or only when it's comfortable for me? Am I ready to stand up and fight for another?

Exercise for the day: In middle of the busy day take a moment and call someone that needs a compassionate word. Defend someone who is in need of sympathy even if it's not a popular position.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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Anonymous Jasper, R May 1, 2017

Just a Thank you for the Omer count Don't remember saying anything or asking, yet I so appreciate Chabad!! Always here when we need you. Thank you, shavua tov Reply

Anonymous Sun City April 28, 2017

Love the Chabad Omer Count meditations. Thank You! Reply

claudia Regina Belo Horizonte - Brazil April 28, 2017

Shalom. The reflextion on compassion is very worthy, but, I have been trying to be compassionate of an entire husband family over twenty eight years. They do not like my way! What to do? They just ignore me all the time.... Reply

Hilda Zeigler Gales Ferry May 10, 2016

This exercise will be difficult if the unpopular position is also unpopular with myself! Reply

Anonymous Mi May 10, 2016

Thank you for your perspective Reply

Tivkah Einat Missoula, MT May 10, 2016

A compassion reminder... Thank you for this post. I work a very busy, intense job and needed this reminder to show compassion, even when I'm frustrated, even when I'm short on time. Reply

LS April 22, 2015

This is always on my Hebrew birthday - today, Gimel Iyaar. Also my father's, interestingly! Is there a special message in it then for me, such as my lifetime Sephirote to work on? I really do practice this & believe I show consistent compassion. Reply

casey Phoenix, Az. May 2, 2014

I have always done this. I don't know where I learned it or why.. I only know my compassion for others has always been there. Helping the poor. The needy. Children without homes. Anyone who needs help, god sends me where I need to be. This position has caused problems at home as I offer my home for a shower, laundry, a safe place to rest. And a good meal especially on Shabbat. But no matter, I still do it.. and wish more of us did too. Reply

Eugina Giovanna Herrera New York City, New York April 12, 2013

Compromise Compromising with compassion.

Thank you for sharing that. Reply

Anonymous Waterloo, ON April 12, 2013

Shabbos Note Just a note: this year, netzach of tiferet falls on Shabbos, so the exercise doesn't seem to apply. Reply

BA Kress Austin, Texas April 4, 2013

Endurance I particularly like Rabbi Jacobson's suggestions for how to manifest netzach of tiferet.

It's a lot easier to feel compassion in "our free time," when we can "afford" to be compassionate. The real victory comes when compassion is our constant companion and shows itself, not when it's convenient for us, but rather when the others on our path need it. Reply

Anonymous April 24, 2012

compassion Thank you, I needed that. More food already, this so wonderful, I'm grateful. Reply

Anonymous Brooklyn April 24, 2012

Showing sympathy I did a Google search for the definitions of, both, sympathy and compassion. They are synonymous with each other and with pity. Isn't it a sin to show pity or to pity someone? I understand there is a higher meaning for the word compassion than pity, and that the above spiritual guide is making a different point, but I just wanted to address the technicalities of using the words themselves. Reply

Hinda New Port Richey, FL May 6, 2011

Calling during the day I doubt you absolutely have to call on company time. Everyone gets a lunch break, so call on that time which is your own and on your own cell phone. Reply

S. Rodnyansky April 27, 2009

Making a call during a busy day Of course most of us do it, but according to a strict approach based on Mesilat Yasharim (and maybe other Jewish ethical teachings), making a personal (albeit compasssionate) call during a business day would be considered stealing from the employer. Please comment. Reply

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