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Day Five of Week 3: Hod of Tiferet

Day Five of Week 3: Hod of Tiferet

19th Day of the Omer


Compassion must include humility for it not to be condescending and pretentious. Hod is recognizing that my ability to be compassionate and giving does not make me better than the recipient; it is the acknowledgement and appreciation that by creating one who needs compassion G‑d gave me the gift of being able to bestow compassion. Thus there is no place for haughtiness in compassion. Do I feel superior because I am compassionate? Do I look down at those that need my compassion? Am I humble and thankful to G‑d for giving me the ability to have compassion for others?

Exercise for the day: Express compassion in an anonymous fashion, not taking any personal credit.

From A Spiritual Guide to the Omer by Simon Jacobson
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jim dallas April 29, 2017

always, thank HaShem for all the various ingredients necessary for the ability to consider, realize, and bestow any and all forms of, compassion, on anyone.....pray you can worthily receive when your time comes! Reply

Peggy smith Marshall ar April 29, 2017

Really enjoy the spiritual insights ! Thank you Reply

Anonymous Mi May 11, 2016

Thank you for your perspective Reply

Stan Montreal April 22, 2015

THANK YOU I'm really grateful for your teaching..Thank you. Reply

Amanda Ocean City,, NJ April 26, 2012

Hod of Tiferet Thank you very much for this meditation, and so enlightening! Reply

Mary Freeman April 25, 2012

Thank you, I am grateful for your teaching. Reply

BA Kress Austin, Texas April 25, 2012

Anonymously? This meditation has so much right.

But the humility and thankfulness to G-d that one brings to the act of compassion only sometimes calls for expressing that compassion anonymously.

If your "feet" bring you to another today who needs compassion personally and directly from you, follow all the other lovely advice here, but DON'T be anonymous! Reply

Ilana Purchase, NY April 17, 2010

Perfect. This is such a simple, beautiful and necessary thought. Thank you. Reply

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