By the Grace of G‑d

13 Tishrei, 5717

Brooklyn, NY

Greetings and Blessings!

In my conversation with your father, Rabbi…, I was informed to my great surprise about your conduct in matters of eating and drinking that is not how it ought to be. This is not withstanding that we see clearly that a lack of orderliness in this weakens the body, and immediately weakens Torah Study and fulfillment of its Mitzvot.

The Previous Rebbe's demand from the Yeshiva students is well known, i.e. that they should conduct themselves in an orderly way in regards to eating, drinking and sleeping, etc.

I hope that at least after receiving my letter, all that was mentioned above shall be sorted out.

The adage of the Tzemach Tzedek is well known, that it is better to eat in order to be able to pray, than otherwise, to pray first in order to eat afterwards.

And as our recent generations have become weaker, we allow those who will complete their prayers a while after arising from their sleep, to eat a 'mezonos' before praying (understandably so, after having said the small Shema prayer). One should not be too strict about this matter [i.e., not eating before praying], because being strict here will cause a leniency in the Service of G‑d.

Awaiting good news regarding all that was mentioned,

(Igrot Kodesh, Vol. 14, p. 18)