This letter was addressed to R. Yaakov Landau, the Rav of Bnei Brak and a leading Lubavitch Rabbinic authority.

B”H, 26 Cheshvan, 5709

Greetings and blessings,

As I recall, I am the one who is “righteous” with regard to our correspondence, for you did not answer the last letter that I wrote you, nor did you acknowledge receipt of the Rebbe Rashab’s maamar entitled VaYachlom (Kuntreis 52) that I sent you at that time.1

In one of the newspapers, I read that you took part in a Rabbinical assembly and that you suggested a text for a heter iska.2I took joy at least in this piece of information.

I am writing with regard to a matter of present [concern]. Enclosed is Kuntreis Heichaltzu, 5659, which was just published. You will no doubt acknowledge receipt of it.

On this occasion, I would like to recall again the promise you made previously, to send a copy of the conclusion of the Rebbe Rashab’s letter concerning Lashon HaKodesh,3the beginning of which you sent last year. (It concludes with the note: “Behold, in Sanhedrin, the words ‘according to one version are as above.’”) And also [you promised], given the contingencies of time, to copy other letters of significant content if you possess them. [I send] my thanks in advance.

With wishes for everlasting good and with good wishes to the members of your household even though I do not know them.

M. Schneerson