By the Grace of G‑d
Teveth, 5718 [December, 1957]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and blessing:

...Since the Torah and Mitzvoth and the Jewish way of life comes from G‑d and his infinite wisdom, they are not subject to man's approval and selection. Human reason is necessarily limited and imperfect. Its deficiencies are obvious, since with time and study it improves and gains knowledge, and personal opinions change. To confine G‑d to human judgment would violate even common sense.

In our long history we have had the greatest human minds possible, who nevertheless realized their limitations when it came to the knowledge of G‑d and His laws and precepts. We have had great thinkers and philosophers, who not only fully accepted the Torah and Mitzvoth, but have been our guiding lights to this day, while the dissident groups and individuals (whose number are very few) were cut from our people and either disappeared completely, or, worse still, continued as painful thorns in the flesh of our people and humanity at large. Anyone who is familiar with our history requires no illustrations or proofs of the aforesaid.

I trust you will reflect on the above and you will cherish the great and sacred knowledge which has been handed down to each and every one of us, in the midst of our people, generation after generation, from the revelation at Mount Sinai to the present day. Accepting this sacred tradition unconditionally and without questions does not mean that there is no room for any intellectual understanding. Within our limitations there is a great deal which we can understand, and which we can further enrich, provided the approach is right. For G‑d in His infinite grace has given us insight into various aspects of His commandments, and insight which grows deeper with our practicing them in our daily life and making them our daily experience. In this way the Jew attains true peace of mind and a harmonious and happy life, not only spiritually but also physically and fully realizes how happy one is to be son or daughter of this great and holy nation, our Jewish people.

Hoping to hear good news from you, and
With blessing,

(Excerpt from a letter)