By the Grace of G‑d
15 Iyar, 5738 [May 22, 1978]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Sholom U’Brocho:

I am in receipt of your letter of May 18, in which you write about your present state and feelings towards Jews, Yiddishkeit, the Torah, etc., which you blame on the attitude towards you on the part of the Yeshiva and its students.

Needless to say the connection is most surprising, for it is plain and obvious that a Jew, whoever he may be, who believes in the Torah and does his best to observe its Mitzvos, does it because of his personal commitment to G‑d's Torah and Mitzvos, which were given to each and every Jew at Sinai, and as our Sages tell us that the souls of all Jews of all generations were present there and accepted the Torah and Mitzvos. Hence, if a Jew should declare, G‑d forbid, that he does not accept the Ten Commandments because his friends or teacher do not conduct themselves as they should — I do not think that anyone will say that this is a proper or sensible approach.

To put in a different way: If a teacher whom you respect will say that two times two is five, it is incorrect; and if a teacher whom you do not respect will say that two times two is four, it is nevertheless correct, for Truth is independent. Judging by your writing, there is surely no need to elaborate to you on what is self-evident.

With blessing,