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Parshat Korach

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Readings for Korach
Tammuz 3, 5779
July 6, 2019

Samuel I 11:14 - 12:22
Torah Portion: Korach
From our Sages on the Parshah
"The entire community is holy and G-d is amongst them; why do you raise yourselves above the congregation of G-d?" (Numbers 16:3)

Korach took 250 magistrates... and dressed them in garments that were wholly of blue wool. They stood before Moses and asked him: "If a garment is made entirely of blue wool, what is the law as regarding the obligation of tzitzit?" Moses answered them: "It is obligated." They began to laugh at him, saying: "If a garment of another sort is absolved by a single thread of blue wool, this garment, composed wholly of blue wool, cannot absolve itself?"

Korach further challenged Moses: "If a house is full of Torah scrolls, does it need a mezuzah on its doorpost?" Replied Moses, "It is obligated." Said Korach: "The entire Torah, consisting of 275 chapters, does not absolve this house, and the [two] chapters in the mezuzah absolve it? G-d did not command you these laws -- you have invented them yourself."

(Midrash Rabbah)

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