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Inner Stream


Brass Pans
They backed the wrong horse, but they sure knew how to run . . .
Even the most sublime strivings of the spirit must be restrained when its passion drives a wedge between ourselves and others
Moses' Anger Management Technique
Our sages have said that "One who gets angry, it is as if he has worshipped idols." How so?
The Bald and the Cold
In Hebrew, the name Korach means “bald” and “ice”—representing the spiritual malaises of separation and apathy.
Though many sinned before him and many sinned after him, Korach was the only one to be punished in this manner...
When we use one good deed as an excuse to avoid another we deny ourselves credit for the mitzvah good deed as well as the one we performed!
Look, I'm Humble
It is easy to be humble when you have nothing to boast of. But Moses was humble, though he had much to boast about. How did he maintain a humble image of himself even while acknowledging his amazing talents, giant spirit and colossal achievements (including his own humility)?
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