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Parshah Musings

Holiness is a state of mind, not a job description.
Reach Out to the Rebel
Moses was willing to sacrifice his own honor on behalf of rebels and sinners, we must, at the very least, be willing to reach out to those guilty of nothing more than ignorance.
Does Judaism Believe in Castes?
It hardly seems democratic; just because you come from a family of Kohanim (priests) or Leviim (Levites), why should that qualify you for extra honor?
Let Me Be You
Jewish law allows for the appointment of an emissary to fulfill certain mitzvot on our behalf. But if it is my obligation, how can you do it for me?
Taking Everything Personally
When you accuse me of a crime of which I was indeed once guilty, I feel bad. Accuse me of something I haven't done, however, and I'll probably just laugh and stroll away, unbothered by your obvious misidentification...
Leader of the Opposition
Korach was greedy, jealous, underhanded, a megalomaniac and a rabble-rouser intent on world domination. Wow, talk about a victim of bad press! How about Korach the seeker of spiritual enlightenment?
When to cut and run, and when to stick around and fight
What was different about the argument of Korach and his co-plotters against Moses from all other rebellions and resistances? Why on this one occasion were the Jews advised to totally disengage and let G-d deal with the problem?
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