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Parshat Pekudei

Readings for Pekudei
Adar II 6, 5784
March 16, 2024

Kings I 7:51 - 8:21
Torah Portion: Pekudei
Pekudei in a Nutshell

The name of the Parshah, "Pekudei," means "Amounts of" and it is found in Exodus 38:21.

An accounting is made of the gold, silver and copper donated by the people for the making of the Mishkan. Betzalel, Aholiav and their assistants make the eight priestly garments—the apron, breastplate, cloak, crown, hat, tunic, sash and breeches—according to the specifications communicated to Moses in the Parshah of Tetzaveh.

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