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From the Chassidic Masters

The Answer to the Mother of All Questions
The Torah devotes one chapter to its account of the creation of the universe, three chapters to its description of the revelation at Mount Sinai, and eleven chapters to the story of the Exodus. In contrast, no less than thirteen chapters are devoted to the making of the Mishkan.
Community, Individuality, and Frustration
Vayak'hel and Pekudei: why they are joined (some years), why they are separated (other years), why Vayak'hel comes first, why Vayak'hel took Pekudei's name and Pekudei took Vayak'hel's, not to mention the fact that both Parshahs appear to be almost entirely superfluous
The Silver Foundation
Every person is different: we differ in our intellect, character, talents and sensitivities. But we are all equal in the very basis of our bond with G-d.
The historical, personal and cosmic significance of the half-shekel.
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